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IPL Hair Removal Effectiveness

I´m studying skin therapist in Stockholm and I´m working on a study about laser and IPL. And the question is : which technology is the... READ MORE

Can I Shave Before I Have my IPL Hair Removal?

I am going to do my first IPL section in about a month, and I haven't waxed for more than 6 months and I have been shaving all this time. My question... READ MORE

Is HPL As Effective As IPL Laser for Hair Removal?

I am considering buying a home laser for hair removal. There are two which keep popping up. However, one is HPL and the other is IPL. I hear IPL is... READ MORE

If a Hair is Plucked Shortly Before IPL Treatment, Will It Still Respond?

As said, I have had many problems with shaving, ingrown hairs, and irritation. I have to pluck a great deal of my facial hair to reduce these symptoms... READ MORE

How Many IPL Sessions are Required to Achieve Almost No Hair?

My wedding is in late October and i have just strated IPL hair removal, in 2 weeks i will have my second one.. when is the best time to have the last... READ MORE

Is IPL Home Device for Hair Removal Safe for the Skin?

If sun and UV are dangerous and can cause skin cancer, why the Intense Pulsed Light is safe. Thank you in advance Evi READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal - Permanent?

Dear Doctors, I have been undergoing a couple of IPL hair removal treatments and I find the results satisfying. I have less and thinner hair on my... READ MORE

What Could IPL Hair Removal Do to Recently Tanned Skin?

I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and I tanned plenty. Now I'm back and I haven't been exposed to much sun light for these past two weeks, but... READ MORE

How Long Until Hair Grows Back After IPL?

Dear Doctors, Thanks for your answers about the lasting of IPL hair removal. About how long is the mentioned "period of time"? READ MORE

Is IPL Hair Removal Same As Laser Hair Removal?

Ive been using IPL treatments for hair removal. Is it the same as laser hair removal? I've had 6-7 IPL treatments and I can't really see any... READ MORE

Is It True That IPL Affects Moles?

I am going to have my first IPL session for facial hair removal in about one week, but I have a lot of small dark and light mole on my face. I heard... READ MORE

Epil Pro Vs. IPL for Hair Removal - Which is More Effective?

I would like to know which is more effective Epil Pro or IPL for hair removal on olive skin and fine dark hair. Also I would like to know the risks of... READ MORE

How Long After Having Had an IPL Treatment Can I Expose my Self to the Sun?

I have recently had my second IPL session for hair removal on my face and will probably have one more session. I was wondering how long after my last... READ MORE

Is IPL for Hair Removal Worth It? How Many IPL Treatments Required on Average?

I have dark hair/light skin. I've been using IPL for full body hair removal. 3 sessions so far and the results are great. Hairs are barely growing... READ MORE

Will IPL Worsen Thyroid Problems?

I have an underactive thyroid, which I'm prescribed thyroxine for. I'm considering buying a home IPL hair removal system, however, it states on the... READ MORE

Can IPL Be Used to Remove Hairs Around the Nipples? Can It Cause Breast Cancer?

Can IPL Be Used to Remove Hairs Around the Nipples? Can It Cause Breast Cancer? READ MORE

IPL Hair Removal Cost?

What is the cost of IPL treatment for hair removal for facial hair removal on upper lip and chin area? READ MORE

Can I have IPL hair removal if I'm breastfeeding? My baby is 3 month old.

I bought the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal for me, but I am breastfeeding and have no intention to stop. Can I have a IPL hair removal using this... READ MORE

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