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How Long Does It Take for Hair to Fall off After IPL Treatment.

I have done my IPL treatment on face a week ago but i find the growth to be more course than usual. Also i cant see any hair falling off from my face.... READ MORE

Hair Falling with IPL Method: "Permanently" Gone?

2 weeks after I had my first session using IPL method in the bikini area, I noticed that most (not all) hair went away without much effort. And my... READ MORE

Facial Hair Loss Permanent After IPL?

I currently went through and IPL treatment it has been three weeks since the treatment. I still have facial redness in spots which is highly magnified... READ MORE

Eyebrow Hair Loss After IPL

I had IPL in March to correct red capillaries left by "Vitalize" chemical peel that I had a month earlier. I asked the nurse if I should... READ MORE

Will an IPL Photofacial cause facial hair loss?

I recently had an IPL Photofacial. I've notice in the past 2 weeks, there are areas on my face that are not growing back. I discussed this with the... READ MORE

Losing Hair on Head After 7 IPL Treatments, Had Lots of Facial Swelling and Blisters, Is this Permanent?

I had 7 IPL treatments...I was "zapped" quite a lot each time... I would have lots of facial swelling and a couple of times there were... READ MORE

Hair Loss on Mens Faces After Receiving IPL Treatments? What to Do to Restore Hair Growth?

After IPL facial hair loss in a man is there anything to help the hair grow back faster? READ MORE

IPL facial hair removal and unwanted hair loss on scalp?

I've been undergoing IPL hair removal on my face for about 18 months (treatments are about every 4-6 weeks) and I have noticed the hair on my head... READ MORE

Will IPL cause beard loss?

Hi I'm looking to get IPL for my rosacea but I am worried about the risk of beard loss, is it possible to use short wavelengths eg.530nm and avoid... READ MORE

Is hair loss on the scalp a side effect of IPL treatment on the face? Should I stop the IPL maintenance treatment?

Over the past year I have had 9 sessions of IPL treatment for Rosacea. Whilst the redness and flushing have improved I have suffered a significant... READ MORE

Time needed to confirm IPL beard facial hair loss isn't permanent?

I am 46 year old male, light skin & black hair. I had 2 IPL treatments, 2 weeks apart for skin spots & freakles. My physician advised me there would... READ MORE

IPL hair loss; how does the shedding process happen? (Photo)

I got my ipl session done but how does shedding process happens like I am male thick haired but the hair seems to still grow after I normally shave... READ MORE

What is an accurate timeframe to see if results will be permanent after having IPL treatment?

Hi. I got one treatment done with max g ipl for diffuse redness skin type 3. 34 joules , 15ms. my heard area I have patchy hair loss. I read some say... READ MORE

Can IPL help a 2 month old red hernia surgical scar?

Im afraid it could cause hair loss on the area since they use the same machine for hair removal with a different filter ... READ MORE

Male with poikilodermia of civatte in beard region. What devices or methods can be used without removing wanted hair?

Have had PC for 2 years. I am male 38 years old with skin type 1. Have had 5 Ipl treatments (nordlyse Ellipse) on the sides of neck with little... READ MORE

Is beard hair loss from one IPL treatment permanent? (Photo)

I am a 43 year old male and had IPL treatment for general sun damage and fine lines two days ago. Now I am noticing a patchy appearance to my beard.... READ MORE

Will Hair Grow Back After Accidental IPL to the Hairline?

I had IPL treatment on my face one week ago and the plastic surgeon accidentally went into my hairline majorly and I am missing volume in the front of... READ MORE

IPL Hair Loss On Jaw Line. Will It Grow Back?

A nurse friend did a series of 4 IPL treatments on me. The third treatment I experienced hair loss on my jaw line. It grew back in 6 weeks like she... READ MORE

Recent IPL and facial hair loss question: Is it possible my follicles could of been damaged from the light alone?

I recently had IPL treatment on my face for rosacea (4 weeks ago). I was assured that my facial hair/beard would not be damaged from the treatment. In... READ MORE

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