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Lumecca IPL. There doesn't seem to be any reviews of it that I can find. I was wondering what the doctors think of it.

I am fair skinned, natural dark blond, green eyes, 40yr old. I have some brown spots from tanning when younger, I am now religious about hats &... READ MORE

IPL for Fair Skin Types?

I am fair skinned (high type II or low type III) and my skin turns red easily -- just 20-30 minutes in the sun without protection and I'm red (more... READ MORE

Had 2 IPL Sessions for Rosacea. Flushing Much More & More Persistent Redness Than Before Procedure. Should I Continue? (photo)

I chose IPL to help with my rosacea, persistent redness & flushing. After my 1st session, I was fine. I had my 2nd session almost 4 weeks ago... READ MORE

Does IPL hair removal work for ingrown hair under the skin? (Photo)

I have a coarse hair covering my whole body. I also have ingrown hair specially on my legs. My embedded hairs are very deep under my skin which I can... READ MORE

Photosensitivity Safe for IPL Treatment?

I am 32 and have fair skin. I use a spf 30 daily but recently noticed that my face reacts with what looks like hyperpigmentation after short periods... READ MORE

Which is better for pubic hair removal, IPL or laser? How many sessions are required?

Dear Doctors, I amgetting married in October and I want to have my bikini area hair removed and I am worried about what to choose laser or ipl. I am... READ MORE

Which procedure is best for a redhead who wants to fade the freckles on her face: IPL, fraxel, or certain type of peel?

I am the typical redhead with fair skin and LOTS of freckles all over my face (the freckling is not as dark as some redheads, but not super light... READ MORE

Limelight or Elos IPL?

Hi, I am 41 with fair skin, tons of huge pores that are genetic and rather oily skin. I have brown spots from the sun and broken capillaries. I do use... READ MORE

How do I help my skin after IPL damage? What procedures can I try to help repair it? (Photo)

I received a single IPL treatment (Lumenis no RF) 4 weeks ago for minor redness, and now my skin looks terrible. My once smooth skin has turned into a... READ MORE

Does Being Fair-Skinned Make Me a Better IPL Candidate? (photo)

I'm 29, have no acne and great skin texture. My fair skin looks a bit freckled. It's not very noticeable but I'm always looking to improve my skin. My... READ MORE

What are the risks for my skin type for sun exposure post IPL? I have very fair/pale skin type.

Hello, I had an IPL treatment to the tops of my shoulders (where I seem to catch the sun). I have been avoiding the sun, but went outside briefly (on... READ MORE

Best procedure for broken capillaries?

I have a few noticeable broken capillaries on my face that I'd like to have removed. Which treatment works better IPL or another type of laser. Im... READ MORE

Can IPL leave you with larger looking pores?

I had IPL done 6 months ago strictly for broken capillaries. I've noticed my skin either looks like there's tiny holes all over it or my pores have... READ MORE

Palomar ICON? Or V beam or BBL? Or another type of IPL machine (Limelight? Genesis?) (Photo)

I'm a 46-year old female, very fair skin. I have had 4 IPLs (Palomar ICON), but my facial broken capillaries keep returning, even getting worse. The 4... READ MORE

Can IPL cause hyperpigmentation by the light going too deep and stimulating the melanin? Also can IPL be used on acne prone skin

I'm fair skin, have acne and currently using stieva a cream and metrogel for acne as I'm trying to get pregnant and can't be on an antibiotic. I'm... READ MORE

I had my first IPL facial 3 weeks ago and I have not had any flaking or coffee ground affect. Should I continue the treatments?

I know it can take a few sessions to see results but is it normal not to have any change? I have sun damage and quite a few light pink acne marks and... READ MORE

About IPL method of hair removal. I read that it is the least effective method.

Hi i am undergoing hair removal treatment. My skin type is fair and have dark hairs on the body. My clinic sepcialist is using IPL laser on my skin,... READ MORE

Laser or IPL for fair skin, dark and coarse hair on bikini line, which would be best? Which is less painful?

Hello. I'm wanting to get laser done on my bikini area. I have dark, course hair that grows fast. Also now have ingrowns from waxing. For my skin and... READ MORE

Accelerated Hair Growth After IPL Laser Hair Removal

I am undergoing laser hair removal using IPL. After 8 treatments, the hair in the treatment area is lighter then before, but the hair immediately... READ MORE

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