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Darkening of Upper Lip After 8 Seesion of IPL for Hair Removal??

I had 8 seesions IPL on my upper lip for hair removal purposes only. (fair asian skin,dark hair). I had good results,after the last session on 6 OCT... READ MORE

What effect will IPL have on moles? What will they look like after?

I'm considering IPL for treatment of my hyper pigmentation from cumulative sun damage on my face. But I have many small 1-2mm moles on my face as well... READ MORE

After Having Ipl I Have Small Lines Marks on my Face, Will They Fade?

Also on my left cheek i have a few small indents which i am hoping will go away, i had ipl 3 weeks ago, do you think these will heal or are here for... READ MORE

How long for a broken capillary to disappear/fade after IPL? (I'm on day 5)

I had IPL done on a broken capillary on my cheekbone/under eye. The swelling and extra redness has now gone and the capillary looks just the same as... READ MORE

Today I Had my First IPL Treatment to Treat Mild Acne(to Kill Bacteria), I Have A Few New Freckles, Will They Fade?

Today I had my first IPL treatment to treat mild acne(to kill bacteria), I noticed there are a few freckles rise to the surface.Will they fade away?... READ MORE

When will this broken capillary (thread vein) fade? 11 days post IPL (29 sept)

Small broken capillary under the eye/cheekbone area. My settings were at 26 joules and this was my second IPL. READ MORE

Is it normal for blood vessel to fade immediately after IPL then come back after 3 days?

I got ipl done for the second time on a broken blood vessel on the under eye/cheekbone area (11 days apart, 26 joules, 2 passes each time) it... READ MORE

Will my poikilodermia of civatte fade?

I am a male aged 37 with skin type 1. I have had progressive poikilodermia of Civatte for the last two and a half years on sides of my neck. It got... READ MORE

Post-acne red marks appear again after IPL

Hi. I have undergone my second IPL treatment for my red acne scars on my face. It almost 100% faded when I looked at the mirror 4 to 5 hrs after the... READ MORE

Redness after cauterizing dark pigmentation - will an IPL laser help fade the redness? (Photo)

2 months ago I used a cauterizing instrument to burn freckles on various parts of my body. It caused the areas to scab and I now realize this was not... READ MORE

IPL/photofacial and residual light melasma?

I was on bc pills for 10 years and developed upper lip melasma towards the end. Since going off 2 years ago it has faded and is now barely noticeable... READ MORE

IPL hair remover burns. Will the scars be permanent and why did I get burnt? (photos)

I bought an Ipl hair remover and I have used it for two sessions now each being 2 weeks apart as instructed. However I noticed after using it the 2nd... READ MORE

Ipl "damage"? (photos)

I had IPL because the Doctor said that it would help my Rosacea. Its been 1,5 years. I went on vacation and my skin got a bit tanned. Some of my... READ MORE

Dark red mark in eye bag after IPL, will it fade? (photo)

I had IPL on my face done 2 days ago for a couple of small broken vessels around my nose and general rosacea. I asked the doctor to take the IPL into... READ MORE

Related to ipl - scar fading. (photo)

After the procedure my skin peeled off on the spot. Today is my 4th day and it is less painful today. I am wandering that the scar I have in my skin... READ MORE

Should I use IPL on 2nd degree pink/red burn marks? (Photos)

I have suffered a 2nd degree burn approximately 8-9 weeks ago. There are still pink/red leftover marks at the site of injury which I have been... READ MORE

IPL burn, will it fade? Peel? What should I expect? (Photo)

I have had several ipl's from this spa . Firs time on back but had my shoulders done 2x prior . Normallymy spots and freckles ten black and flake off ... READ MORE

My Braun Silk Expert IPL on TCA redness?

It's been 1 month since I did a tca peel in a clinic, but still my arm is light pink. I heard that ipl lasers work on redness, I also got that laser... READ MORE

Fitzspatrick skin type 3 Dark patches/burns post IPL Photo rejuvenation - will they fade? (photo)

I had IPL Photo rejuvenation to my forearms and hands. Immediately after treatment I noticed redish patches. Within a few hours they became darker.... READ MORE

Wil dark chigger bite marks fade from salon IPL machines with whitening option? 3 months passed and it doesn't seem to fade.

Will the dark patches eventually heal by itself? The surface area is smooth = no scars? I continued my ipl session after the bites no longer itch (I... READ MORE

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