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What is the difference between BBL and IPL?

Is it just the manufacturers or is there a difference in overall treatment and effectiveness? READ MORE

Does Home Use of Viss IPL Machine Skin Rejuvenation Work?

Can all the home use IPL machine (such as Viss, 2PS etc) really work on rejuvenate skin? READ MORE

V-beam Vs. IPL, How do They Differ?

I would like to get IPL but have read too mush about potential harm to subcutaneous layers, and long term side effects. What is the risk for V-beam... READ MORE

Does IPL Affect Radiesse or Botox Injections?

Does IPL Affect Radiesse or Botox Injections? READ MORE

Which Gives Better Results in Skin Appearance and Texture, IPL or LHE Photofacial?

Which gives better results in skin appearance and texture, the IPL or LHE photofacial? I know that some say LHE is the newer technology and it gives... READ MORE

I Have Been Told That Certain IPL Procedures or Machines Are Better Than Others?

One of my doctors uses Limelight (and says there are only 2 highly effective machines for IPL, Limelight being one of them) and another one uses... READ MORE

Symptoms Directly After IPL Treatment Was Very Different at New Salon, Could This Mean it Wasn't as Effective?

Hello,I have hair removal laser treatment on my body & during the session I can smell the burn of hairs & right after a session I have red... READ MORE

IPL Vs Genesis Laser for Facial Spider Veins Effective?

I recently purchased a package of 2 IPL treatments to treat redness and to get rid of a few spider veins on my nose and cheeks. I had my first IPL... READ MORE

What's Better for Dull, Uneven Skin, Acne and Sunspots, a Peel or IPL? (photo)

I'm 37 with light skin and some skin laxity. I have adult acne, no acne scarring, and tend to redden around my nose and mouth. I've had one... READ MORE

Didn't Get the 'Coffee Ground' Look After IPL?

I had an IPL photofacial 2 days ago. I've gotten one 6 years ago and my freckles got that "coffee ground" look almost immediately and flaked off in... READ MORE

Will IPL Work for Port Wine Stain?

Will IPL work to remove port wine stains? I found on line following hair removal model with special lamp for skin discolorations? Model: VISS IPL Skin... READ MORE

Should I Have a Glycolic Skin Peel or IPL Treatment to Rejuvenate my Skin? I Live in the Sun and Im 46yrs Old.

I had a South Beach Peel about 3.5 yrs ago which worked really well, but downtime was too long. I would like to rejuvenate my skin in the next week or... READ MORE

Took Prednisone After IPL -- Did I Just Ruin the Effects of the IPL?

I had an IPL on Friday, with massive swelling around my eyes all weekend. Finally took some prednisone I had lying around to reduce the swelling so I... READ MORE

How effective is IPL or BBL and how many sessions and weeks apart should you have them?

I have blotchy skin with slight rosacea. I have had these treatments before but not sure how effective they are. I have open pores between my eyebrows... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Ipl and Laser Hair Removal?

I got around 15 sittings on ipl.should i continue it?a doctor asked me to have laser t/m instead of ipl for hair removal on my face. READ MORE

IPL Technique for Rosacea Redness Using Lumenis One 560 Filter?

Doctor #1 used a small spot size/head for the entire face at 19J. It did not hurt and many pulses were done. Post treatment redness dissipated within... READ MORE

Can I Start Threading After the IPL Treatment or Do I Carry on Shaving?

I used to thread my face, i had thick dark hair on my face. ive had my first ipl treatment and would like to know if i can carry on threading my face?... READ MORE

IPL Doesn't Work After 6x Treatment? (photo)

Dear Doctor, I had done 6x IPL treatment for under arm. the therapist said it probably take only 5x treatment and the hair wont grow. But after 6x... READ MORE

IPL for Brown Spots and Spider Veins on Lower Legs?

If IPL works for brown spots and veins on the face, hands, and chest would it do the same for age spots and spider veins on the lower legs? If not,... READ MORE

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