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Is IPL Effective for Male Thick Beard?

I'm having a full body treatment with IPL. i'm having great results in any part of body but not in face. I'm considering Laser Diode for... READ MORE

IPL for Sunspot Removal?

Are Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems such as Prolite II okay to use for sunspot removal? READ MORE

IPL for Sun Damage on Neck?

Would IPL Be Effectivive is Clearing Up Redness on my Neck Due to Sun Damage? READ MORE

Treatment to Fade 2nd Degree Burn Mark. Will IPL or Other Treatment Work?

I'd 2nd deg burn 3 wks ago in the chest,arm & on the face near the mouth. Has almost healed with dark patch. I'm brown skinned & wondering... READ MORE

Will IPL Photorejuvenation and Chemical Peels Help Acne, Red Marks, Large Pores and Shallow Scars?

I've had 8 chemical peels (Jessner and TCA 15%), which initially greatly improved my pores and shallow scars, but hasn't improved my acne or redness... READ MORE

Can I Use a Home HPL Hair Removal System to Fade a Tattoo?

I have a very small homemade tattoo that I gave myself using India ink when I was a teenager. I am aware that the IPL hair and tattoo removal... READ MORE

Is IPL Laser Treatment for Breast Enlargement Effective?

I'm considering having ipl laser treatments for a breast enlargement. Research has shown that it increases up to 2 cup sizes only. Is this... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Recovering SJS Patient?

I've got hyperpigmentation spots all over my body after recovering from Steven-Johnson Syndrome. Is the IPL laser the best way to get rid of these... READ MORE

IPL for Facial Scars? (photo)

Hi, I am interested in getting IPL to fix the large dark scars on my cheek area along with sun spots, etc. I got the scars a few years ago from a... READ MORE

Is IPL Harmful? Or Good to Improve my Skin?

I have keratosis pilaris and I'm researching various treatments people have used to treat this skin condition. Reading up on IPL being used to treat... READ MORE

Is IPL Worth the Money if I Continue to Do Hot Yoga?

I just had my first photofacial. I asked the Dr. if I return to Hot (102 Degree) yoga will the brown spots resurface? She said "No". I plan on using... READ MORE

Does IPL hair removal work for ingrown hair under the skin? (Photo)

I have a coarse hair covering my whole body. I also have ingrown hair specially on my legs. My embedded hairs are very deep under my skin which I can... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for Teenager? (photo)

I'm 16 and I have a lot of freckles on my cheeks. They spread like crazy! Should I use ipl laser treatment and how much does it usually cost? When is... READ MORE

Will IPL Work to Treat my Eye Circles? (photo)

I'm a 32 year old male who has had these circles all my life. I am fit, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, take no medications, do not smoke, and... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation on Face from IPL Two Wks Ago. Dr Recommending Jessner or Perfect Peel, is It Safe?

Hypopigmentation on Face from IPL Two Wks Ago. Dr Recommending Jessner or Perfect Peel, is It Safe? READ MORE

Is IPL Effective for my Skin? (photo)

Hello, I have very red cheeks & nose. They get easily red by cold weather, alcohol, sugar and so on.. So I went to a doctor who uses IPL to treat... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Intensed Pulse Light Therapy (IPL)? (photo)

I am 100% Vietnamese and my skin is just a tad bit tan. I have a few hyperpigmentation marks on my face. I wanted to go get the intensed pulse light... READ MORE

Palomar IPL 1540 Vs Lumenis-M22 IPL Lasers for Age Spots and Redness?

I'm 40, female, white. I have freckles/age spots & broken capillaries w/ uneveness. I'm told these lasers will make my skin "porcelain,' removing... READ MORE

Are Hair Removal IPL Devices Made for Use at Home Safe and Effective?

Hello! I was thinking of buying a for-home IPL .I'm in doubt now.After reading an ad of one of IPL devices, mentioning that it must be repeated but... READ MORE

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