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IPL Burn Marks. What Is My Best Option? (photo)

Hi i have had 1 session of ipl treatmen to get rid of pigmentation on my face. The area which was burnt was very paniful for about an hour and then... READ MORE

My Freckles Are Scattered Around my Body and Vary in Size Most Are Dark Browny Black How Many Ipl's? (photo)

My freckles are scattered around my body and vary in size most are dark brown abd some nearly black how many ipl's will I need ? READ MORE

IPL for Darker Skin Tone?

I'm east Indian and have bruise like spots under each corner of my eye. Can that be treated? will it get lighter or darker? (I've read some crazy... READ MORE

How can I get rid of pigmentation around lip area? (Photo)

Since I started waxing&threading my upper lip it's darkened while developing into a shadow"moustache"can't go out without covering with tons of... READ MORE

When will my freckles turn dark after IPL treatment?

I received IPL yesterday for my freckled face. I was told that afterwards they would darken and begin to "flake" off. It has been 24 hours since the... READ MORE

Is it typical to have pigment actually come back immediately after a treatment? (photos)

I was very pleased with the results of my first IPL treatment however, I'm not seeing much of the 'peppered' appearance after my second treatment.some... READ MORE

Why is my skin burned?

I have just had a test-patch on both sides of my face at the clinic, I am Asian, with a light yellowish/ olive-toned skin, and I noticed that the IPL... READ MORE

I have streak marks on forehead and cheeks after my first IPL Treatment. (photos)

2 weeks ago I had my first IPL treatment. Im left with streak marks on my forehead and cheeks. I was initially told by the RN that I would need... READ MORE

Will IPL help with my redness and dark brown spots? If so, how many should I book? (photo)

For the past year or so, I've been squeezing my blackheads a lot (I know, it's horrible) and it has just ruined the overall texture of my skin. This... READ MORE

Darker and lighter lips after IPL laser hair removal. Will it go away?

I had IPL on my chin and upper lip. Just one session on my upper lip and 3 on my chin. I felt no burn but now my lips have long brown spots at the top... READ MORE

IPL hair removal treatment. Are these dark wounds normal? (Photo)

I hade a IPL har removal 4 days ago on my legs for the third time and now i havet some line shaped dark wounds i think. Is it normal? Does it gonna... READ MORE

What kind of solution is there when after an IPL treatment resulted in dark brown marks to my left cheek and T zone area?

I had this procedure three years ago I went back to the facility only to be confronted with accusations that I did not follow instructions. I do not... READ MORE

Does two passes with an IPL/bbl hand piece produce a different result than one pass? (photos)

I had BBL treatment and the pigment is uneven. It seemed as though some areas were "zapped" more than once. Those areas appear darker at first and... READ MORE

Is this hyperpigmentation from IPL? (photo)

I had my 2nd ipl yesterday with the same setting all over my face but as you can see the photo now i have this big dark mark please explain what is it... READ MORE

First IPL treatment 5 weeks ago and now several darker freckles have appeared than I originally had. It is not melasma.

I had my first IPL 5 weeks ago. I had a few dark spots from old pimple marks and a couple freckles I wanted removed. I have type 4-5 skin,... READ MORE

IPL on Arms at a setting of 22 1 month ago, and have yet to get coffee grind or flake, is this normal?

I had IPL at a setting of 22 on my arms over 4 weeks ago, and they still have yet to coffee grind off or to flake off at all. I am wondering if this... READ MORE

IPL how long until I see a difference? (Photo)

Question regarding IPL hair reduction. I have been getting IPL every 4 weeks and I'm up to the 4th time but nothing seems to be doing anything. It... READ MORE

Fitzspatrick skin type 3 Dark patches/burns post IPL Photo rejuvenation - will they fade? (photo)

I had IPL Photo rejuvenation to my forearms and hands. Immediately after treatment I noticed redish patches. Within a few hours they became darker.... READ MORE

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