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Can I Get a Chemical Peel After IPL?

How soon after I get an IPL Photofacial can I get a peel done? And what kind of peel would you recommend? I just got an IPL done 2 days ago and am... READ MORE

Will IPL Hurt or Damage my Radiesse filler I Had in my Cheeks and Nasolabial Folds?

Will IPL hurt or damage my Radiesse filler I had in my cheeks and Nasolabial folds? READ MORE

Can I Receive IPL and Laser Hair Removal Treatment when I Am Breastfeeding?

Can I Receive IPL and Laser Hair Removal Treatment when I Am Breastfeeding? READ MORE

Does IPL Affect Radiesse or Botox Injections?

Does IPL Affect Radiesse or Botox Injections? READ MORE

IPL Photofacial and Microneedling? (Photo)

I purchased a Groupon deal with 3 IPL Photofacial treatments or 3 micro needling treatments. I am able to use a mixture of these treatments if I want.... READ MORE

IPL + Laser but No Results

I have had 4 treatments combining sciton laser and IPL. I want rejuvinated looking skin. I am 38 have sun damage (wrinkles and sun spots) as well as... READ MORE

Timing Between IPL and Microdermabrasion

Hello... I am doing IPL to treat my rosacea, high pigmentation, sun and pregnancy spots. I also want to get microdermabrasion to achieve better... READ MORE

IPL After Rhinoplasty?

I had a Rhinoplasty with silicone nasal implant 2 years ago. After the surgery, I have stopped all facial treatments, as I'm afraid the beautician... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait Before Getting IPL After I Had Fraxel Laser?

How many days should I wait to schedule a photofacial (IPL treatment ) after a Fraxel Re:store (NOT Re:pair!) treatment? Thanks! READ MORE

Recently Started IPL for Treatment of Rosacea Redness and Doctor Said to Stop Using Metrogel 1%, is This the Right Thing to Do?

The doctor recomended 5 treatments spaced 3-4wks apart; I have had 2 and will start the 3rd soon. He told me to stop using Metrogel while IPL is... READ MORE

Is IPL Treatment Combined with Radio Frequency Safe?and when Do I Have to Shave?

In my second hair removal session I was informed that the clinical will upgrade its IPL machine and start using another that combines IPL and RF.... READ MORE

Can I Have Laser Genesis and IPL Treatments on the Same Day?

Can I Have Laser Genesis and IPL Treatments on the Same Day? READ MORE

When Can I Start IPL Treatments After Erbium Laser?

I had Erbium laser about 10 days ago, my face is pink with no open areas. Can I start IPL treatments or should I wait? READ MORE

IPL After Rhinoplasty

Dear Doctor, I am considering moustache IPL treatment and I had a nose job around 7 months ago. I know most parts do not effect the nose but really... READ MORE

Can I Get IPL Treatment?

I have a net ( invisible) inside of my cheeks made from golden threads Can I get Ipl treatment READ MORE

IPL and LED - Can I Alternate LED and IPL Treatments?

I will be undergoing 6 LED facials. I understand the waiting time between sessions should be about 2 weeks. I would also like to have IPL treatments... READ MORE

How Far Apart Should I Schedule IPL and Silkpeel Treatments?

I've purchased a package of 4 Silkpeels and 5 IPLs at two different medspas. I'm trying to figure out how to schedule them... which one I... READ MORE

Safe to Get IPL While Using Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Acid?

Is It Safe to Get an IPL Treatment While Using Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Acid?? READ MORE

Hydroquinone and IPL Hair Removal - Compatible Simultaneously?

I'm having IPL hair removal in face (1º treatment done), but I have a little brown spots that i want to treat so i bought CLASIFEL HQ 4%. Is... READ MORE

IPL, Facial and Extractions in the Same Session?

Or can this cause scarring? Noticing many practitioners at medspas will do both at the same session. READ MORE

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