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Does Ipl Cause Increasing of Facial Hair

I'm having facial ipl. however i have heard that ipl may increase hair growth in the chin causing a long hair peach effect. is it right? thank you... READ MORE

IPL vs Laser Genesis vs BBL Laser for Broken Capillaries

Hi, hope someone can help. I just paid $1500 for one treatment of Fraxel and I wanted it to get rid of my red broken capillaries and red in my cheeks... READ MORE

IPL + Laser but No Results

I have had 4 treatments combining sciton laser and IPL. I want rejuvinated looking skin. I am 38 have sun damage (wrinkles and sun spots) as well as... READ MORE

What should I do about break out of spots all over face after having IPL to remove dark spots around my chin area?

I have had IPL to remove some dark spots around my chin area, since the 1st treatment I have been having lots of red spots around my whole face area.... READ MORE

IPL for Reducing Facial Hair or Stubble?

I am considering IPL treatment to reduce the appearance of my stubble/facial hair, especially around the chin. I'm most probably looking at one... READ MORE

Indentations on Chin from IPL. Any Treatment Options?

This is my 4th time with IPL. The others were 8 years ago, they were great. This time I received a coupon for what i thought was a reputable salon.... READ MORE

Grayness After IPL

Hi I suffer from PCOS so I used IPL treatment for 2 years to reduce facial hair. After the treatment you are required to shave the hair. After the 1st... READ MORE

I Had IPL and There is a Blister on my Chin, Will this Scar?

It's been four days. Technician said it would go away within five days. Not a chance. Blistered area seems to be getting smaller, but am concerned... READ MORE

Can IPL laser treatment help me with these red marks on my face? If so, how many sessions would I need? (Photo)

It looks like a bunch of red splotches all over my cheeks, chin and nose and I was born with them. READ MORE

IPL burned me 3 days ago! I'm devastated, how long will this take to heal? (Photos)

3 days ago, I got second degree burns from a too aggressive IPL treatment. I went back to the dr and he prescribed hydrocortisone and told me not... READ MORE

I Have a Medium Skin. I Am a Bit Hairy Specially in my Chin Area. I Am Going to Do IPL for Whole my Face. Will It Work on Me?

I Have a Medium Skin. I Am a Bit Hairy Specially in my Chin Area. I Am Going to Do IPL for Whole my Face. Will It Work on Me? READ MORE

For woman between facial chin IPL treatment - shave v. wax?

As a woman - my chin facial hair between ipl treatment can be shaved.. i dont see myself walking with the hairgrowth until the next session... some... READ MORE

Can ipl cause more hair growth on the face?

I started an ipl+rf home treatment on my face (sideburns and chin) 2 weeks ago. I am 33, I have light skin and some coarse dark hairs on these areas.... READ MORE

Can IPL laser flatten scar tissue?

I have two very small pimple like scars on my chin that are slightly raised. They came from cystic pimples. They are very soft. Apparantly they are... READ MORE

Would IPL rejuvenation fix my facial concerns? (photos)

Would another treatment be needed on top of IPL or different treatment altogether? At consult I asked which procedure IPL, Fraxel or DermaSweep... READ MORE

IPL or PDL is better for me?

I had keloid scar in 2006 under my chin. I had 3 steroid injections after that to flatten the scar. Right now, my scar is flat, thin looks normal but... READ MORE

Biggest concern is spider capillaries around my nose and chin. Is IPL or BBL better? What are the price ranges?

Seeing a IPL and BBL and google search brings up conflicting info. I'm seeing prices range DRAMATICALLY also. Is more expensive better? READ MORE

Had my second IPL yesterday. Brown stripes on left side. (photo)

First IPL was several months ago with no issues. Had second one yesterday and terrified to leave my house. Hoping this is normal and will slough off... READ MORE

Can IPL Cause a Break Out?

Hello, I am a 24 y/o female. I had my first IPL treatment 2 days ago to reduce some sun damage and a blotchy complexion. I had mild acne as a teenage... READ MORE

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