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Will IPL Hurt or Damage my Radiesse filler I Had in my Cheeks and Nasolabial Folds?

Will IPL hurt or damage my Radiesse filler I had in my cheeks and Nasolabial folds? READ MORE

IPL vs Laser Genesis vs BBL Laser for Broken Capillaries

Hi, hope someone can help. I just paid $1500 for one treatment of Fraxel and I wanted it to get rid of my red broken capillaries and red in my cheeks... READ MORE

Proper Treatment of Hyperpigmentation After IPL?

On my second IPL treatment, my left and right cheeks got burned. The doctor told me to apply some steroid cream. After 2 weeks, part of my cheek... READ MORE

Best Melasma, Redness and Large Pores Treatment for Sensitive Skin?

I am 33 years old, and have sensitive skin (i.e. I don't respond well to glycolic acid). My cocerns are: slight browness/possible melasma on my... READ MORE

Will Skin Still Tan Afer IPL?

I have a mild case of cheek redness and I am considering getting IPL on that area. I live in Florida and I go to the beach at least once a month. Will... READ MORE

Intense Pulse Laser (IPL) for Hair Removal AND Skin Pigmentation?

I have been getting IPL treatment for hair removal each month on my whole face cheeks, with great results. the last time I went, a new lady performed... READ MORE

IPL for Facial Scars? (photo)

Hi, I am interested in getting IPL to fix the large dark scars on my cheek area along with sun spots, etc. I got the scars a few years ago from a... READ MORE

Olive Skin - IPL Burns

I am 40 with pigmentation due to sun damage from my teen years and hormonal changes due to pregnancy. It took 6 hours for the acute burning and... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Redness Without Damage to Facial Hair

(i am 19yr male). i have been considering getting ipl done to get rid of the redness that stretches across my cheeks (it covers areas of facial hair)... READ MORE

Considering IPL: How Essential is It That I Consult with a Doctor First?

I'm pretty certain that IPL is the appropriate remedy for my red spots (broken veins around the nose and on the cheek) and freckles. Neither are... READ MORE

IPL treatment for facial veins on cheeks and nose. I have bruising or broken blood vessels on my cheeks. Is this normal?

I had IPL treatment yesterday for facial veins on my cheeks and nose it was my second treatment no problem treating the veins on my nose. On my cheeks... READ MORE

Is IPL Effective for my Skin? (photo)

Hello, I have very red cheeks & nose. They get easily red by cold weather, alcohol, sugar and so on.. So I went to a doctor who uses IPL to treat... READ MORE

Long Term Cheek Blister After IPL

I had a second ipl treatment in early Spring and went outside immediately following it for 3 hours without sunscreen. 3 days later, a large blister... READ MORE

5 months post op IPL and Fat Loss. Can it, or is this Radio frequency?

Between Feb and April 2014 I had 3 sessions of IPL done on my face for rosacea & capillaries. According to my aesthetician IPL has no radiofrequency... READ MORE

5 IPL Treatments and No Results

Now DR. Wants to Use Qswitch Laser. What Do You Think? I had used Triluma for a year with no results. Just finished 5 IPL treatments and had no... READ MORE

Can lumecca cause skin to sag?

I have Lumecca IPL one treatment and now I appear to have sagging in my cheeks and I was told that IPL would increase collagen and tighten, but it... READ MORE

Can I Get IPL Treatment?

I have a net ( invisible) inside of my cheeks made from golden threads Can I get Ipl treatment READ MORE

Can Red Light Therapy Cause a Rash?

I recently starting doing "red light therapy" through a tanning salon. After 4-5 sessions, I developed a rash on on my cheek bones below my... READ MORE

Dents in cheeks after IPL 3 weeks ago. Is it fat loss?

I had an ipl treatment 3 weeks ago ( all together 6 treatment in a past year) and now i am seeing a slight dents just below my right cheek ! Looks... READ MORE

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