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I Am Breaking out After IPL Treatment. What Causes It and What Should I Do?

After my third IPL treatment, parts of my face have itchy red bumps all over them, they look like acne. I had this happen after the second treatment,... READ MORE

If IPL Does Not Cause Fat Loss What are the Indents and Sinking Caused by?

Two months out have pictures that show the lines and indents. Had three treatments on the fourth turned it up caused burns close to blisters on checks... READ MORE

Can IPL on One Part of the Body Cause a Cold Sore Somewhere Else?

I have had IPL on my buttocks.I have never had a cold sore in my life, but I m getting itching, tingling in a corner of my mouth and have a small red... READ MORE

Can IPL Laser Therapy Cause Heart Problems?

I have recently had Supra Ventricular Trachyartia and had an operation to destroy an abnormal conduction pathway in my heart. Would IPL have have... READ MORE

IPL caused 2nd degree burn and blisters. (Photo)

Hello,I was badly burned from IPL on both sides of my nose. They blistered then scabbed. The provider told me to use cortison but I just can't trust... READ MORE

Does IPL BBL cause fat loss under the skin?

All I see online are fat loss horror stories from ipl bbl. Is it a myth or should I be concerned? READ MORE

Can IPL pro-longed treatment possibly cause Hypothyroidism or Thyroid Nodules?

I have been getting IPL Lase Genesis treatments for past 2-3 years. Recently I noticed an enlargement in my left side of the neck. I never had any... READ MORE

Welts after IPL. What can this be?

I had a Limelight photo facial. Initially, I had white and red stripes on my cheeks which subsided after cold compresses. There are also welts I can... READ MORE

I have been left with burn marks from the boots IPL system. Is it because I used a black eyeliner?

I recently used the boots IPL system and after the first treatment it left some burns. It said in the instructions to draw a grid on the area you are... READ MORE

What kind of damage can be caused to my eyes from no goggles during IPL Laser treatment?

I got my first IPL Lazer treatment today. She did not give me goggles. It was painful I noticed my eyes opening a little with the pulses. READ MORE

IPL Treatment; welts 1 day post-op. Is this normal?

I have welts from an IPL treatment I received yesterday. Is this normal and what would cause this. I've seen many posts of fat loss, large pores from... READ MORE

Can the light from IPL photo rejuvenation machine cause damage?

Ive had photorejuvenation on the entire face, but even with closed eyes, i can still see the red light. now ive been getting headaches and feel dizzy... READ MORE

Can IPL Cause a Break Out?

Hello, I am a 24 y/o female. I had my first IPL treatment 2 days ago to reduce some sun damage and a blotchy complexion. I had mild acne as a teenage... READ MORE

Why Does IPL Cause Crepey Skin?

Many people experience crepey and dry skin under ipl and lasers post treatment, what's the reason? READ MORE

Pigment Gets Darker After 2nd IPL Treatment

I'm nearly 50yrs old lady,n i'm Malaysian and my skin is fair with pigment.I did IPL pigmentation 7th April for the first treatment and my... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Please Address the Orange Peel Texture That Some Many People Have Posted Pictures Of?

I am scheduled for IPL for rosacea redness on 5/7 but am very concerned about the bad results that I have seen. I can't find where a doctor will... READ MORE

Sickly Pale After IPL. Will my Color Return?

I had 3 IPL photofacials. Now I look horribly pale. Like an ill person. The doc says that I have returned to my normal tone. She suggested that if I... READ MORE

Can Ipl and Photofacials Cause More Broken Capillaries?

I have more on my nose after several procedures. READ MORE

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