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IPL Recovery: Has Skin Picking Caused Damage?

I have light olive Asian skin and just got my IPL treatment 1.5 days ago. No serious reactions yet, just slight flaking. My brown spots and freckles... READ MORE

IPL Photofacial Brown Spots. Will They Flake Off?

Is there a chance these brown spots that are all showing up after IPL photofacial might not flake off? I am 3 days out and they look like coffee... READ MORE

Blisters to Chest, Back and Legs After IPL

One week ago, today, I had the IPL laser tx on my entire body excluding my stomach. I was not told that blisters would develop. Actually, she (the... READ MORE

IPL After Four Days; How Long Before Brown Spots Go? (photo)

I had IPL 11/12/12, & 4 days later no sign of brown spots dropping off, & I have had blister(s). How long does it take for healing? 1 day -... READ MORE

Is Browning Suppose to Occur Every Time After IPL?

I have had 4 IPL treatments to get rid of old acne scars. After the first 2 treatments, browning occurred immediately and flaked off a few days later... READ MORE

Brown Spots After IPL (Asian w/ Light Skin)

I just did IPL for sun spots today on a whim at my derm's office. I am Asian with light skin and had sun spots most noticeably on my cheeks from... READ MORE

Lumecca IPL. There doesn't seem to be any reviews of it that I can find. I was wondering what the doctors think of it.

I am fair skinned, natural dark blond, green eyes, 40yr old. I have some brown spots from tanning when younger, I am now religious about hats &... READ MORE

IPL Brown Spots Darker but Not Flaking?

I had bbl one week ago. My first one made brown spots turn dark brown like coffee grounds and fell off. This past one turned the spots light brown/tan... READ MORE

I Had IPL 2 Days Ago and Have Coffee Grounds Spots, but No Redness. Did It Work?

Even the first day, that evening, I had no redness at all. It was performed by a board certified dermatologist, so I am not concerned that he did not... READ MORE

Got Brown Spot from Using At-home IPL Device! What Should I Do From Here?

I recently bought RedMD from Amazon and first use of 30 min gave me glow, dryness and a large brown line on each side of nasolabial folds, I also get... READ MORE

What is the difference between IPL and BBL facial treatments?

I am 50 ish and have sun damaged skin and brown spots. I have read that BBL treats fine lines also. Looking for something to give me more even skin... READ MORE

IPL for Type IV Skin Tone

I am a 42 year old woman who is noticing more sun spots/freckles and brown spots lately (mainily after giving birth). I am considering IPL, but am a... READ MORE

Brown Crusts After IPL

3days ago I had an ipl treatment for age spots. I've had this treatment many times in the past. The brown crusty spots have fallen off already and... READ MORE

Is IPL Therapy for Chest or Face

I need to have my face and a few areas on my chest treated (red and brown marks/sun damage). Can I have IPL for these areas, or is it for one... READ MORE

47 Years Old with Hyperpigmentation on my face. Would cryosurgery treatment freeze the hyper pigmentation? (photos)

I have brown Spots on my face and I did all the facial peelings,used bleaching creams and I did an IPL TREAT at the Celebration Cosmetic Surgery but... READ MORE

Light Brown Spots on Face: IPL? (photo)

I am 35, half-Asian, half-Caucasian, so my skin tends to be more yellowish than pinkish and it scars brown. I have developed some brown spots on my... READ MORE

Brown Spots Still Remaining After IPL Therapy, Is this Normal?

I got IPL therapy done a week ago and my skin did darken/pepper like coffee grounds but as the "grounds" are falling of sloughing off, I... READ MORE

IPL Treatment Before Cancer Radiation Therapy?

I will be undergoing radiation in 3-4 weeks for breast cancer. I was planning to have an IPL treatment for the brown age spots on my face. Would this... READ MORE

IPL for Brown Spots and Spider Veins on Lower Legs?

If IPL works for brown spots and veins on the face, hands, and chest would it do the same for age spots and spider veins on the lower legs? If not,... READ MORE

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