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IPL for Severe Hyperpigmentation on Brown Skin?

My grandparents are white, but I'm brown with severe freckling of white, tan and dark brown spots, plus larger brown spots all over, more than any... READ MORE

Is Sciton BBL Good for Hair Removal from Brow Color Skin with Thick and Coarse Hairs?

I have brown color skin with both thick and soft facial hairs. Is Sciton BBL laser machine good for such kind of skin, and if yes then which filter is... READ MORE

I have PIH from a burn, cannot use hydroquinone or lytera. What would you recommend? (photo)

Had a burn onbmy face from IPL laser a month ago. i refuse to live for years with it. it is btw brown and red. based on the picture is it Dermal or... READ MORE

Burned from IPL and left with a brownish/red mark under my eye - Which lasers will work best? (Photo)

I had a bbl burn THREE wks ago (the dr tried to treat a super black bruise under the eye). i blistered in a couple of areas and i am left with... READ MORE

Severe skin damage and wrinkles after IPL?

I m 26, caucasian, with flat brown and red acne scars. I was reading into IPL treatments, but have come across many people who have had the treatments... READ MORE

Why is my skin burned?

I have just had a test-patch on both sides of my face at the clinic, I am Asian, with a light yellowish/ olive-toned skin, and I noticed that the IPL... READ MORE

Would IPL rejuvenation fix my facial concerns? (photos)

Would another treatment be needed on top of IPL or different treatment altogether? At consult I asked which procedure IPL, Fraxel or DermaSweep... READ MORE

Are these IPL burned marks, PIH, or just normal browning? (photo)

I got these around my mouth 2 days after my IPL session, which had never occurred to me before. Just wondering if they are burned? PIH? or they are... READ MORE

Had my second IPL yesterday. Brown stripes on left side. (photo)

First IPL was several months ago with no issues. Had second one yesterday and terrified to leave my house. Hoping this is normal and will slough off... READ MORE

Is there a limit for IPL/VBeam treatments?

If you have IPL or VBeam laser treatments to help with redness and brown marks, is there a limit to how many I should do? Will too many laser... READ MORE

Can new deep / hidden pigment arise after IPL that wasn't noticeable before?

After IPL done 1 weeks ago, my skin did darken/pepper like coffee grounds but as the "grounds" are falling off, I see more brown pigment (freckle... READ MORE

Lumeca ipl done about 4 weeks ago - 3 weeks later big patches appeared, melasma or pih? (photos)

So I got 2 or three zaps per side treating a few broken blood vessels and 2 small frekles. I was left with a huge spot redish brown. I got my... READ MORE

I did 3 days later, my chest has persistent red and brown markings and is starting to peel. Is this normal?

I am fitzpatrick 1 or 2. This is my second IPL treatment. The first IPL I did, I was red for 24 hrs, within a week I had some pigmentation around the... READ MORE

Brown patches after IPL. Is it something that'll go away? (Photo)

I know the IPL is supposed to make any existing hyperpimentation more noticeable but I got some huge brown patches on my forehead where it was clear... READ MORE

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