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V-beam Vs. IPL, How do They Differ?

I would like to get IPL but have read too mush about potential harm to subcutaneous layers, and long term side effects. What is the risk for V-beam... READ MORE

Which Gives Better Results in Skin Appearance and Texture, IPL or LHE Photofacial?

Which gives better results in skin appearance and texture, the IPL or LHE photofacial? I know that some say LHE is the newer technology and it gives... READ MORE

Is Slapping the Skin Good for the Collagen?

I ask this because that is what IPL feels like-- a really hot slap. I did it twice and I think I am worse off for it. I've been so careful with my... READ MORE

Is IPL suitable for Asian skin?

I have some sun spots, brown age spots, and freckles on face and want to remove them. Read some recommendations that IPL is good and safe. I decided... READ MORE

IPL for Fair Skin Types?

I am fair skinned (high type II or low type III) and my skin turns red easily -- just 20-30 minutes in the sun without protection and I'm red (more... READ MORE

Is IPL or Laser Peel Best to Get Rid of Pigmentation on Asian Skin?

I’m an Asian woman (49 y/o) with pigmentation on my face. I had flawless skin in my 20s/30s, but when my face began to develop tiny brown spots,... READ MORE

If I had hives from IPL does this mean I can never get IPL or any heat based treatment in the future?

 If I had facial hives from IPL does that mean I can never get IPL or any heat treatment in the future? Is there any other laser/procedure you... READ MORE

Any treatment for rosacea veins besides IPL laser?

Had IPL laser done and it aggravated my skin more. Stayed inflamed, red and burning for weeks. READ MORE

I have poor skin texture and tone, I've tried IPL twice with temporary results. What else can I do? (Photo)

I have uneven and unappealing skin texture, my freckles do bother me but I have come to terms that they probably aren't going anywhere. The bumps and... READ MORE

Will further laser treatments correct my striping? (Photo)

IPL on my back resulted in "striping". After 2nd treatment, still had areas with stripes. I went to different board certified dermatologist and have... READ MORE

Can IPL Help with Tiny Divets Left by a Chemical Peel?

Can IPL Help with Tiny Divets Left by a Chemical Peel? READ MORE

What Agressive Treatment Option Would You Recommend for Dark Blue/purple Circles That Are Vascular in Nature? (photo)

I've had purpleish vascular activity under my eyes for 5 yrs. Seen many docs & tried all the creams as well as IPL. Most docs say there is little... READ MORE

Moved to an area with a lot of sun and trying to stay on top of melasma. What's my safest bet?

Ive been getting IPLS on a fairly regular basis and was using peels and spotting with triluma before I moved to a very, very sunny location. I apply... READ MORE

Does hyperpigmentation eventually stop responding after repeated IPL treatments?

I have had one hyperpigmentation spot on my face that I treated with IPL for years. Recently the spot does not seem to be responding as well and... READ MORE

Is IPL (ellipse) a good alternative for red post-acne marks? (photos)

I have eaten Isotretenoin against acne and it has given a good effect. (5 months ago) Now I have red / pink marks left on my cheeks. I'd love to get... READ MORE

53 year old woman. Can deep under eye bags be repaired with IPL?

I have very deep bags under my eyes that really age the rest of my face. I have heard that IPL is a solution to plastic surgery. Can I get an opinion... READ MORE

IPL Versus Vbeam for Rosacea (No Veins)?

I have rosacea redness but very few visible broken veins. I have been told by one dermatologist to get Vbeam treatments and another to use IPL. My... READ MORE

What is the best vascular laser out or is IPL still the gold standard?

What is the best vascular laser out or is IPL still the gold standard. I also want to get smart lipo, cellulaze and a Brazilian butt life in 2... READ MORE

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