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When Should Swelling Dissipate After IPL?

I am 51. I had an IPL two days ago. Some parts of my face are still swollen especially under my eyes. (The brochure said swelling for a few hours or a... READ MORE

Is 4 weeks long enough between ipl "treatments"?

I had IPL done once and liked it and then exactly 4 weeks later had it done again. The pain was worse the second time and I noticed, after about one... READ MORE

Should I Have a Glycolic Skin Peel or IPL Treatment to Rejuvenate my Skin? I Live in the Sun and Im 46yrs Old.

I had a South Beach Peel about 3.5 yrs ago which worked really well, but downtime was too long. I would like to rejuvenate my skin in the next week or... READ MORE

IPL for Outdoorsy People?

I am a 50-ish female who is athletic; biking, ski instructor. What kind of skin treatments are recommended to even out my skin tone (basal scars,... READ MORE

My skin texture is far worse after aggressive IPL sessions. What do I do? (photos)

I am 49 years old and have rosacea. I had a series of about 6 aggressive IPL sessions with a plastic surgeon who I trust(ed). Now, 4 months post IPL,... READ MORE

I had IPL treatment for rosacea and now my face has broken out with what looks like pimples. I'm 48. What can I do? (Photo)

What do I do? I just had my first IPL treatment for rosceea and woke up this morning with a major breakout. How do I treat this? (See second picture)... READ MORE

Can photo facial with IPL help get rid of a clogged sebaceous pore? Or what should I do? (photos)

Ok so im a 47 year old male, have had to IPL treatments for spiderveins on left side of my cheek, somewhat effective. Now i have had 1 photofacial and... READ MORE

How much can IPL really accomplish? (Photo)

I am a 47 year old male who was suffering from facial spider veins on cheeks and on the bridge of my nose. I had vascular lazer treatment, with good... READ MORE

I had 3 IPL treatments done at a local Scottsdale MedSpa. My skin looks horrid now. What can be done to rectify it?

I had fine translucent skin with tiny pores and no real wrinkling, 52 YO F. I did have a few tiny broken capillaries and slight redness to cheeks. I... READ MORE

Time needed to confirm IPL beard facial hair loss isn't permanent?

I am 46 year old male, light skin & black hair. I had 2 IPL treatments, 2 weeks apart for skin spots & freakles. My physician advised me there would... READ MORE

Facial IPL treatment - I have a beard and want to keep it. How can it be done?

Male - mid-forties, with olive skin (type IV). Black beard (with white hair in some places) I am considering IPL treatment for sun spots on my face.... READ MORE

I'm 50 and my sun spots on my hands really show my "age", I have decided to go with the IPL Light Treatment Therapy to remove.

It is my understanding that this may take more than 1 treatment, spaced out (1 month apart). Is it normal think that my sun spots, or age spots on my... READ MORE

47 yo. IPL/chemical peel on same day. Procedure was explained but after reviews I'm worried. Am I a good candidate? (Photo)

I had an IPL treatment done 15 years ago to remove brown spots and get rid of rosacea/blemishes and it worked great! I now have more rosacea and brown... READ MORE

IPL and Fraxel be recommended together for sun damage?

52 Yr Old Male, Freckles, Light Skinned, Blue Eyed with some actinic keratosis on cheeks and around the temples/forehead. In looking to clean up my... READ MORE

Palomar ICON? Or V beam or BBL? Or another type of IPL machine (Limelight? Genesis?) (Photo)

I'm a 46-year old female, very fair skin. I have had 4 IPLs (Palomar ICON), but my facial broken capillaries keep returning, even getting worse. The 4... READ MORE

I am 45 and have had IPL treatments in the past without any issue until now... I had a treatment on October.

I woke up SUnday (2 days late) and my eyes were swollen. its been 2 weeks and i am still swelling. I've gone to the ER because i was so concerned they... READ MORE

Will IPL photo rejuve on face affect my glutathione + vit c + thiotic acid (iv drip) procedure? Also had juverderm on cheeks.

I just started (3rd session) GSH 600mg + vit c 10g + thiotic acid 25g through iv drip once a week to detox and whiten skim. Also human placenta via IM... READ MORE

Fort Worth Texas, Need a good recommendation from IPL for brown spots and broken capillaries (Photo)

I have broken capillaries around my nose and mouth and across my cheeks. I have brown spots from my temple to my jaw bone but heavily and large... READ MORE

Will Hair Grow Back After Accidental IPL to the Hairline?

I had IPL treatment on my face one week ago and the plastic surgeon accidentally went into my hairline majorly and I am missing volume in the front of... READ MORE

Pigment Gets Darker After 2nd IPL Treatment

I'm nearly 50yrs old lady,n i'm Malaysian and my skin is fair with pigment.I did IPL pigmentation 7th April for the first treatment and my... READ MORE

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