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IPL Vs. ProFractional Resurfacing?

I am 29, have pale-ish olive skin. Have darker, pigmented spots on my face,some fine lines, light acne scarring on my forehead, and several broken... READ MORE

How Often Can I Do IPL?

Hello, I've had IPL for multiples issues, acne and acne scars on my face; brown spots/hyperpigmentation on a surgical scar and for spider veins on my... READ MORE

What's Better for Dull, Uneven Skin, Acne and Sunspots, a Peel or IPL? (photo)

I'm 37 with light skin and some skin laxity. I have adult acne, no acne scarring, and tend to redden around my nose and mouth. I've had one... READ MORE

Which Has Better Results for Acne and Acne Scarring - Photodynamic Therapy or a Combination of Isolaz and Fraxel Treatments?

I'm a 29 yr old female w/olive complexion who has had severe acne and acne scarring (lots of red spots, some indentations/bumps) for the last 4/5... READ MORE

How LOng After First Session of IPL Can I Have 2nd Session?

Ive done my first session of ipl 5 days ago to remove acne scars and i am new to the subject. but the scars have increased in redness and i understand... READ MORE

IPL while on 20mg isotretinoin, safe for treating acne?

My dermatologist suggests that I undergo IPL for my acne marks while on 20mg Isotretinoin. I've been reading that this isn't safe. Should I go ahead... READ MORE

Haven't Had Any Results After Two IPL Treatments For Acne Scars; What Can I Do? (photo)

I have acne scare on my face and i want to remove that. my dr suggest me for ipl acne mode and i start that on first i didnt got any result. its fine... READ MORE

Age Requirement for Getting IPL?

I want to get the IPL treatment for my blemishes and some acne scars. Is there an age requirement for this treatment? I'm 23. READ MORE

Why were there no effects after my first IPL treatment for acne red/brown hyper pigmentation?

I know that 1 treatment isn't going to totally clear it, but I didn't notice any effects like coffee grounds or lightening of the spots at all. The... READ MORE

What is the best laser for anti aging and acne scars for the face?

I am 35yrs old and I want to start doing a laser treatment that is good for lifting/ anti aging & acne scars? Is there one specific treatment that... READ MORE

Severe skin damage and wrinkles after IPL?

I m 26, caucasian, with flat brown and red acne scars. I was reading into IPL treatments, but have come across many people who have had the treatments... READ MORE

I Did IPL Spot Treatments and the Pigment Around the Treated Area is Now Darker Than Before - Can I Reverse It?

I had some small dark spots and one small scar from acne on my cheek & it was recommended that I do 4 IPL spot treatments. The texture of the scar... READ MORE

Should I continue my IPL Treatments?

I got my first IPL treatment to reduce my acne scars and help control my acne. It's been a week and I don't see any changes at all except I've gotten... READ MORE

Home treatment using IPL or LED for small pimples, acne scar, visible pores and skin slight redness?

I'm currently trying to find a device that can improve on my skin condition. I'm already using clarisonic cleansing system to cleanse my face. I went... READ MORE

Can I have IPL if I'm taking birth control pills?

I was wondering if I can have IPL, if I'm taking a birth control pills? I've been told, that there will be no difference in my skin after the IPL... READ MORE

Polaris Vs IPL

I spend a lot of time in Europe. I'm curious what the pros and cons are of getting IPL (in the US) vs. Polaris (in Europe). I'm female, and have... READ MORE

Effect of IPL on Aboriginal Skin?

I have Rosacea, dry, sensitive skin, with acne scars, and I break out some. I've seen a dermatologist, and he recommended IPL. I am scared to have... READ MORE

IPL on Face a Week After Spot TCA on Acne Scars?

A doctor did spot TCA on my acne scars about a week ago. It's still very red. I was hoping to do IPL for fine lines in the next couple of weeks... READ MORE

How Does the IPL Laser Work for Acne Scars/ Redness/ Hyperpigmentation?

So I finished Accutane 6 months ago, went back to my derm and I asked something for scaring and redness, she said IPL laser. I also have ice pick... READ MORE

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