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IPL Recovery: Has Skin Picking Caused Damage?

I have light olive Asian skin and just got my IPL treatment 1.5 days ago. No serious reactions yet, just slight flaking. My brown spots and freckles... READ MORE

How is DPL Therapy-at Home Different from IPL?

I came across the Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) Therapy-at home online and I'm wondering if it is legit. How is it different from IPL? I have fair skin... READ MORE

IPL for Acne?

Does IPL disables the overactive oil glands, causing them to shrink and controls the overproduction of sebum (oil)? READ MORE

Will IPL Photorejuvenation and Chemical Peels Help Acne, Red Marks, Large Pores and Shallow Scars?

I've had 8 chemical peels (Jessner and TCA 15%), which initially greatly improved my pores and shallow scars, but hasn't improved my acne or redness... READ MORE

IPL Vs Pulsed Dye Laser for Post Acne Redness

Which is better in treating post acne redness? What i expect from the treatment is to help lighten the flat red lesions on my skin as much as possible... READ MORE

IPL + Laser but No Results

I have had 4 treatments combining sciton laser and IPL. I want rejuvinated looking skin. I am 38 have sun damage (wrinkles and sun spots) as well as... READ MORE

IPL After Accutane

I went on accutane for a total of 4 months. (stopped due to side effects) I have been off accutane for 2 months, and my skin looks horrible. I still... READ MORE

Is IPL okay to use for my skin? Is it too risky? (photos)

I'm considering IPL but am not sure if it is the right treatment for me.... I am after an opinion from a professional who isn't trying to sell me on a... READ MORE

What to Expect from Facial Peel, LED and IPL Treatment for Acne?

I went through a facial peel and LED treatment to help treat acne and acne scars since having a very bad breakout. 4 days after the treatment, I seem... READ MORE

IPL or Accutane for Moderate to Severe Acne?

Which is better for moderate to severe acne, IPL or Accutane? READ MORE

Is IPL Treatment Safe for Acne?

How long can the skin stay clear after the laser treatment? READ MORE

How Fast Does IPL Get Rid of Active Acne?

I have a very important interview coming up and my acne is horrible. i have one week to get rid of it. i have just started diane 35 and i feel like... READ MORE

Can I Get an IPL Before a Very Light Chemical Peel? How Would the Waiting Period Be in Between?

I am getting my first IPL treatment in 5 days for acne scarring. I am wondering if it is ok to book a very light chemical peel 3 days before IPL... READ MORE

Female and 30, Considering Combining Peels and IPL for Mild Acne?

I have had several appointments now to review my skin and all with different opinions. I have been recommended 6 Agera peels, Dermaquest peels and... READ MORE

IPL and Duac/Tetracycline For Moderate Acne?

I currently have moderate acne mostly on chin area and slight redness or nose and cheeks.I am thinking of having IPL done.I am currently taking 300mg... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Get IPL After Inflamed Acne Goes Away?

Is there a certain amount of time I should wait to get an IPL if I just had a few inflamed acne that went away but left a red mark (no indentations)? READ MORE

Is there a "quota" to the number of times I can have IPL treatments before it stops being as effective?

I have done IPL twice before, two yrs ago for acne and acne scarring and it worked wonders. However some of it came back. I am only in my twenties and... READ MORE

Can IPL Cause a Break Out?

Hello, I am a 24 y/o female. I had my first IPL treatment 2 days ago to reduce some sun damage and a blotchy complexion. I had mild acne as a teenage... READ MORE

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