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IPL After Four Days; How Long Before Brown Spots Go? (photo)

I had IPL 11/12/12, & 4 days later no sign of brown spots dropping off, & I have had blister(s). How long does it take for healing? 1 day -... READ MORE

Speeding Up Healing After IPL

It has been 4 days since my IPL and my freckles are starting to disappear. Is there any way to speed up the healing process? READ MORE

Complications from IPL?

I had IPL done four days ago and I had three days of severe swelling and now marks on my face that look like wide cuts. They have not "hardened" or... READ MORE

Burn from IPL - will it scar? How long until it heals? Nurse from med spa says it will 100% but not convinced (Photo)

Asian female, age 32. Average sun exposure living in Los Angeles. I am not new to IPL and never had any extreme response to any laser before. This was... READ MORE

IPL to Chest Area with Redness? (photo)

I had IPL to my chest 4 days ago. There are a lot of brown pigmented areas, which I understand will peel off. However, my concern is that the brown... READ MORE

I Had IPL and There is a Blister on my Chin, Will this Scar?

It's been four days. Technician said it would go away within five days. Not a chance. Blistered area seems to be getting smaller, but am concerned... READ MORE

3.5 days post op, Is my reaction to IPL normal? (photos)

I got IPL on my entire face 3.5 days ago - are the results in the pictures normal? How long will it take for all of the brown to slough off? The areas... READ MORE

It has been 4 days after IPL and have not experienced any changes. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had an IPL 4 days ago. The person who did it told me she was going to do a low setting because my ethnicity (Latina). After the IPL my face was not... READ MORE

Swelling 4 Days Post IPL and Pixel?

I had my 1st IPL plus Pixel 4 days ago. The swelling under my eyes is worse today then the last 3 days...is this normal? looks like I was popped in... READ MORE

Weird skin texture after IPL. What went wrong? (Photo)

Had my first IPL appointment four days ago. My skin in the light looks like this! Im 37 . i have no discomfort, just a litle itch. but im seriously... READ MORE

Bad rash on forehead after IPL treatment. What can I do? (Photo)

I received IPL treatment 4 days ago to remove very minor sun spots, and to treat some of the blood vessels that were on my cheek area. That evening my... READ MORE

Will IPL swelling on my face ever get better?

I had IPL 4 days ago. My face has been swollen ever since and hasn't gone down. I have been on prednisone for 3 days which doesn't seem to be working.... READ MORE

Day 4 post IPL and never had markings like these. Are they normal? (Photo)

I've received IPL facials in the past. My skin got coffee grind markings and then flaked off, but they the markings looked like freckles and my skin... READ MORE

How long before I start to see an improvement in redness for rosacea after IPL.

I just had my 2nd IPL 4 days ago and I am still very red (redder then before this treatment). I also feel the uncomfortable, flushed, burning... READ MORE

I'm 4 days post IPL, and I have small red blotches on my face. Is this normal?

I had IPL on my face four days ago. it seemed fine at first, but now four days later I have small red blotches like burst blood vessels. Is this... READ MORE

IPL laser splotch. Will this go away? (Photo)

I'm 54 years old and had my second IPL laser treatment four days ago. The first one definitely took away a lot of the broken capillaries on my face.... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation/burn Following IPL for Vascular Treatment (Broken Capillary) Scar Prevention? (photo)

I had IPL done on a broken capillary on my nose 4 days ago. The affected area was about 2mm diameter before tx, slighly raised, red and been there for... READ MORE

What to do when scab peels off after IPL, leaving whitish/slight pinkish "new" skin? (photo)

Had IPL on entire face 4 days ago by RN. I had pigmentation (melasma?) at forehead, so levels there were set higher. Device used was Alma 360; it was... READ MORE

Hot Sensation and Soreness on Nose Days After IPL?

I had IPL done on my nose 4 days ago and i continue to feel a slight burning sensation on the sides of my nose. I have had IPL once before and Vbeam... READ MORE

Should All Treated Brown Spots Turn Darker?

I had limelight laser treatment 4 days ago. I have many freckles and sun spots. I had a full face treatment. What should my face be looking like at... READ MORE

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