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If IPL Does Not Cause Fat Loss What are the Indents and Sinking Caused by?

Two months out have pictures that show the lines and indents. Had three treatments on the fourth turned it up caused burns close to blisters on checks... READ MORE

Mid Facelift or Fat Grafting For Volume Loss in Face Post IPL?

I had a dr perform an aggressive IPL treatment 2 months ago. Week by week, I started noticing fat loss on my cheeks - until they started to sag and... READ MORE

I Am Indian and Had Ipl 7 Weeks Ago I Have Been Left with Hypopigmentation Will This Return Normal?

I have since spoke to a dermatologist who has recommended fraxel restore dual is this the way to go. When I had the ipl treatment my arms were more... READ MORE

2 months after IPL, the skin on my cheeks is discolored and dry. Could this be down to birth control or laser treatment? (Photo)

I started birth control about four months ago. About two months ago I received ipl. The skin on my cheeks is becoming discoloured and extremely dry... READ MORE

Can IPL laser treatment to the face cause nerve damage. Would this damage be permanent or can it clear up over time?

I had IPL treatment two months ago over the entire face. I had a brown spot just under my eye by the area that would be almost right over the... READ MORE

IPL Laser treatment for hyperpigmentation (dark circles/raccoon eyes) after a Rhinoplasty? Middle Eastern decent

Hello, I'm 8 weeks post op and I have hyperpigmentation under my eyes. At my one month post op appointment I discussed this with my doctor and he... READ MORE

I used hidroquinone on PIH after IPL laser burn. Two days later I'm very red. How do I minimize the chances of making PIH worse?

I had a laser burn 1.5 months ago. i used lumixyl, elure, neocutis. tried triluma 2 nights ago and it caused the area to become very red. how do i... READ MORE

I had an IPL on 4/4 in my derm office. I am Hispanic and have had a total of 4 of them. Am I scarred for life? (Photo)

Is it going to get better?I had an IPL on 4/4 in my derm office. I am hispanic and have had a total of 4 of them. The spots turn dark brown then fall... READ MORE

I had IPL 2 months ago, and it has irritated my face. It's burning and irritated all the time. What can help this? (Photo)

My face feels irritated and burning all the time. Make up makes it worse but I have to wear make up to cover the spots but the spots are worse now... READ MORE

IPL Treatment for dark spot leftover by a pimple?

About 2 months ago I had a really big pimple on my cheek and now its gone and the skin is completely smooth and flat; however there is dark spot... READ MORE

IPL damage or aggravated rosacea or what?

I had an ipl 7 weeks ago. I've been getting about one a year for about 8 years to manage my rosacea. In total, I've had about 18 ipl treatments in... READ MORE

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