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Blisters After IPL/Broad Band Light on Arms?

I had IPL/Broad Band Light on my arms 9 days ago. My arms were very red and proceeded to blister about 3 hours later. My laser tech told me to put... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Color to Come Back After IPL? (photo)

I had an IPL done on my arms 11 days ago, and when the dark areas came off I was left with pink/white skin that is much lighter than my original... READ MORE

Permanent? Sciton© Profile™ Laser BBL for Brown Spots but the Doc Singed off my 1/2 Eyebrow?

Hi, about 1-1/2 weeks ago, I had IPL laser to target some brown spots on my face. The doctor accidentally zapped my left eyebrow so half is now gone,... READ MORE

IPL has left me with vaginal burns - will this heal?

I had my first IPL session about 10 days ago and for the past 5-6 days I have had an extremely painful sensation when I shower/pee/apply any sort of... READ MORE

Why am I left with flat, red marks that won't go away 10 days after IPL treatment? (Photo)

10 days ago I had IPL treatment to target freckles/sunspots. They browned, peeled off, and scabbed. I used wound serum to help the healing because... READ MORE

IPL brown spots

I had IPL 10 days ago now for minor brown spots. I was covered in new dark brown spots I had never seen before after the first couple days. A lot of... READ MORE

IPL 10 days after conception. Can it harm the fetus?

Hello, I had SHR IPL hair removal but did not know that I was pregnant for about 10 days. 1.Can IPL harm the fetus in that stage? 2. Does women who... READ MORE

Healing after IPL, still red and swelling after 10 days. Do you have any idea please if it will heal soon?

My first IPL session was 9 days ago on cheeks and nose. I was a bit red and swelling the day after.I came back to work 2 days later and working every... READ MORE

Why does Photofacial IPL urge pimples to appear on the skin which no acnes on it?

Ten days after I got my first Photofacial IPL treatment by a dermatologist, Flat red pimples started to appear on my whole face with no pimples. Unl... READ MORE

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