1 Month Post-op + IPL

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Dark Spots Recurring After IPL Treatment

I just had my third IPL treatment done and after the first week my skin looked really nice and free of the dark spots... finally. On the third... READ MORE

Is 4 weeks long enough between ipl "treatments"?

I had IPL done once and liked it and then exactly 4 weeks later had it done again. The pain was worse the second time and I noticed, after about one... READ MORE

I Had IPL and a Month Later Indentations Around my Eyes That Weren't There Before-can It Grow Back?

I am afraid IPL caused fat loss under my eyes. At The top of my cheeks where they meet the bottom of my undereye area there is a groove that I never... READ MORE

Extreme Facial Swelling Following 1st Treatment, Should I Continue With Sessions?

I had my first IPL treatment about one month ago. The following day my entire face was so swollen I could barely see out of my eyes, with severe... READ MORE

I Had a IPL Treatment and Juvederm Under my Eyes?

I had an IPL treatment and Juvederm injections 5 weeks ago, I have had both procedures done before but not at the same time. This time I had IPL and... READ MORE

Is sun sensitivity permanent after IPL?

I had an IPL about a month ago. I am suffering of post inflammatory hyperpigmintation (PIH) all over my face. But even worst I have read reviews that... READ MORE

I Had my Second IPL Treatment 4 Weeks Ago. I Am Still Have Redness and the Sunburn Sensation- Normal?

I had my second IPL treatment about 4 weeks ago. I am still experiencing redness with the sunburn sensation on my l cheek. I am getting treated for a... READ MORE

I have an indentation from IPL. Will it go away and about how long will it take? Is it safe to get future treatments?

I have had about 3 IPL treatments with no problems with the frist two. The thrid treatment about a month and a half ago caused a small blister about... READ MORE

After an IPL treatment, how long should I avoid the sun?

I just had my first IPL about 30 days ago. And yesterday I went on a boat trip from 10 to 6 with some sun exposure, but always had sunscreen and hat.... READ MORE

How do I help my skin after IPL damage? What procedures can I try to help repair it? (Photo)

I received a single IPL treatment (Lumenis no RF) 4 weeks ago for minor redness, and now my skin looks terrible. My once smooth skin has turned into a... READ MORE

How can I soothe my skin after IPL?

I had IPL about 4 weeks ago. My olive asian skin reacted a lot to the treatment. All the dark spots seem to have flaked off, however, the area around... READ MORE

I've had 2 IPLs on face in 2 mths. Last was 4 wks ago. I now have more dark spots and nothing has flaked off. What do I do now?

I have no before and after pictures, but I've had 2 IPL treatments on face in 8 wks. I now have more dark spots (big spots, not coffee ground dots),... READ MORE

I had my second ipl done on april 4 2014 - will hydroquinone work?

I have more hyperpigmentation now then before my dr precscribed hydroquinone 4 percent will that really work, I have been using for 2 weeks READ MORE

Time needed to confirm IPL beard facial hair loss isn't permanent?

I am 46 year old male, light skin & black hair. I had 2 IPL treatments, 2 weeks apart for skin spots & freakles. My physician advised me there would... READ MORE

I had IPL skin rejunvenation treatment and ever since I feel like my face is on fire. What is wrong and what can I do?

I had this ipl treatment done 4weeks ago. There are no blisters, burn marks nor any other sign of damage on my face but it still feels like it is... READ MORE

What should I do about bleeding a month after IPL? (photos)

32 Days after IPL superficial bleeds. IPL doc thinks it may be bleeding from blood vessels on surface 1 IPL tx (Sciton BBL, 2 passes, 515 and 560... READ MORE

I have red and brown spots 5 weeks after IPL hair removal. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, its been 5 weeks since i had my 3rd ipl hair removal on my leg. i developed a severe rash days after a treatment and the itch subside after about... READ MORE

Any good doctors in New England treating IPL complications? I am worried about unexplained delayed pinpoint bleeding.

Had IPL abt. a month ago (2 passes, 1 for vascular 1 for pigment 515 and 560 filters I think). Got one big burst blood vessel (large dark red, mostly... READ MORE

IPL burn mark - hyperpigmentation. How can it be treated?

Dec 2nd 2014 I got IPL. Settings were too high and left rectangle marks with hyper pigmentation. Dec 22 i started using Obagi nu-derm but with no... READ MORE

What can I do to treat my redness/hyperpigmentation that resulted from IPL treatments? (Photo)

About a month ago, I opted for the ipl (intense pulsed light) to minimize my pores. However, the RN who performed the ipl failed to provide me with... READ MORE

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