bleaching + Invisalign

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Fixed my Open Bite with Invisalign - New York

I had been searching for a solution to fix my open bite. I felt uneasy about a surgical procedure on the upper jaw that I was offered and wanted to wear brackets in my adulthood. Dr. Lyssova offered to go with with Invisalign, not the most effective but the easiest treatment in my case. The... READ MORE

Im Having a Upper Teeth Behind- Seattle, WA

Im having a upper teeth behind. Ii got a invisalign on april. It seems like expensive. I should be wear a year. Im 27 year old. I have never before brace. Also i worrying about my result. Because my case not so popular. My problem is first expensive second my result. And iwish some crown in... READ MORE

Some Things About Invisalign You May Not Have Been Told

I have 5mm of crowding in my lower arch. My treatment is for 16 trays upper, 24 lower. I'm on my 4th set right now. If you're consulting with your ortho, ask them if you will require attachments(buttons). They make it much harder to insert/remove the trays. Also, they will prevent you from... READ MORE

Straight Teeth Without the Pain of Traditional Braces.

I have been doing Invisalign now for about 9 months. I wouldn't say I love it (it can be uncomfortable or even a bit painful at times) but I am incredibly happy with the results so far. I never had braces when I was younger. And at 29, I certainly didn't want an eye-catching mouth full of... READ MORE

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