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Will Widening Dental Arch Will Make my Face Wider?

I have quite wide jaw line, and I hate it. However, my jaw is slimmer than before because I extracted my 4 wisdom teeth. I did not notice the change,... READ MORE

Invisalign - Spaces Between Bottom of Aligner and Teeth That Aren't Closing? (photo)

I am on Tray 14 of my invisalign treatment. My teeth movement has been great so far, but now I have noticed that my right canine and both lateral... READ MORE

Loose tooth on retainer 16/31. Should I be worried?

Saw my hygienest/dentist the other day and when cleaning my lower teeth she became concerned. She implied that there was significant movement and that... READ MORE

Vertigo Halfway Through Invisalign Treatment. What Do I Do?

Using invisalign to correct bite and TMJ. About halfway through and bottom teeth done. 2-3 weeks ago when started first aligner that was top only got... READ MORE

Invisalign Treatment Nearly Done but Bite is off

I've finished aligning my upper teeth and i just have new aligners for my bottom teeth now. however, when i take my aligners off and bite down i... READ MORE

Buttons/Attachments on Front Teeth. Concerned?

I am starting Invisalign shortly and I am slightly concerned about the buttons/attachments. I have an underbite, will I have many attachments on my... READ MORE

On Invisalign tray 9 of 22 and I'm worried that my progress is not on track? (Photo)

I've been reading other success stories and supposedly a gap around my size 1.0- 1.5 mm is only supposed to take weeks to close! It has been 5 months... READ MORE

Will being pregnant effect me getting my invisalign?

I have an appointment to get my invisaline in 3 weeks. There is a possibility that I am pregnant, and I'm so worried my orthodontist will postpone my... READ MORE

Are my Invisalign buttons/attachments the only ones to stain?

My buttons/attachments are staining and are really embarrasssing. Hoping that at my normal cleaning it can remove the staining but worried it won't.... READ MORE

I want a tooth to move back to its original place because of discontinuing

I have worn 3 sets aligners (tray #1, tray #2 and tray #3) for 3.5 weeks for invisalign treatment, because my health issue, I had to stop and will not... READ MORE

Getting fillings half way through Invisalign treatment.

I recently visited a dentist and it turns out I have 5 cavities that need filling. I intend to address this problem sooner rather than later, so... READ MORE

Worried about my gums with Invisalign (Photo)

I am doing Invisalign. I just put in tray 2 (of 11) yesterday. The gum beneath my front bottom right tooth is very red today. It looks red on the... READ MORE

Loose retainer compared to trays.

I wore invisalign trays for almost three years and my treatment is done. I just got my retainers and they feel loose. my dentist said it's because I... READ MORE

Is there a chance I may have gum disease? (photos)

I have an appointment on Thursday for a cleaning and see about starting Invisalign, but I'm a bit worried I have gum disease. My gums don't bleed, but... READ MORE

Please advise, yellow hole in the side of my tooth after 8 weeks of wearing Invisalign. (photos)

I started my Invisalign treatment 8 weeks ago and just changed to retainer number 4, whilst doing so I noticed this big yellow hole in the side of my... READ MORE

First week of Invisalign, my jaw started clicking. Can Invisalign cause permanent jaw click?

I have just started invisalign a week ago and I am still on my first tray. About 3 days ago, I have been noticing my jaw click when I chew or open my... READ MORE

Changing trays every week?

I was told by my ortho's assistant to change my trays every 7 days. On a scale on 1-10 and 1 be having perfect teeth alignments and 10 being the... READ MORE

Worried about my gum, I'm near the end of Invisalign treatment. (Photos)

On Invisalign for 18 weeks, changing weekly. opening space for bridgework (never had eye teeth) The gum on one side is coming away from my front tooth... READ MORE

My Invisalign was working. But now my teeth are shifting back.

I'm on a tray 21/26. I have a crooked front tooth. My ortho made spaces in my teeth before starting Invisalign, and for the first few months I was... READ MORE

My Invisalign cracked fully. Is it bad to keep wearing it?

My Invisalign has cracked in 2 pieces. Im on my 8th day and I think it's too early to change. Our doctor is an hour away from us so going there to get... READ MORE

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