Wisdom Teeth + Invisalign

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Will Wisdom Tooth Extraction Affect Invisalign?

I have two wisdom teeth that have been bothering me, and I had been thinking of getting them removed. I just got started with Invisalign and prior to... READ MORE

Invisalign Effective Without Extracting Wisdom Teeth?

I am about to start my Invisalign treatment. My dentist advised me to remove all four of my wisdom teeth, although they have never bothered me. Will... READ MORE

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Before Invisalign?

Since none of my wisdom teeth has erupted yet, I would rather wait before removing them. One of them is growing at an angle and it is pushing towards... READ MORE

Should Impacted Wisdom Tooth Be Pulled Before Invisalign?

I have one wisdom tooth that is fully grown sideways underneath my gums on the bottom left. I have some crowding on the bottom center. I would like to... READ MORE

Filing Vs Tooth Extraction For Invisalign

Hi , I'am planning for invisalign treatment to improve my teeth alignment, my front teeth are protruding effecting my smile . I have taken... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

My wisdom teeth have come in and are pushing all of my front teeth on my lower bite forward, and causing overcrowding. I also have two fillings on my... READ MORE

Is Invisalign a Good Substitute for Braces?

I have crowding since my wisdom teeth grew in. I do not want regular braces to fix the problem. Is Invisalign a good alternative in place of braces? READ MORE

Invisalign: Cost Vs. Benefit?

I had standard metal braces for over 3 years for an overbite, but after I still had an overbite. 3 yrs later, I had my wisdom teeth removed, and my... READ MORE

Just finished Invisalign braces course. Now my molars don't touch, only my wisdom teeth. Should I have them removed? (photo)

Basically my wisdoms are higher up in the gum in position than the other teeth which is affecting me eating, my speech and my smile. I now have a gap... READ MORE

Will my Wisdom Teeth Close my Gaps in my Two Front Teeth?

I have a small gap between my front two teeth. I'm 14 and I haven't gotten my wisdom teeth and I was wondering if it was possible for them to push my... READ MORE

Should the Wisdom Teeth Be Present During Invisalign for Correcting Gaps?

My teeth are straight, but I have a gap in the front area of my upper teeth. My wisdom teeth will be removed because I don't have enough room in my... READ MORE

Can Wisdom Teeth Be Moved with Invisalign? (photo)

I have had 6 molars removed. (Cavities and failed root canals.) Two molars removed from top and bottom on left side and one from top and bottom on... READ MORE

Invisalign for Crooked and Impacted Mesially Wisdom Teeth?

I have an Invisalign consultation in October. My teeth are crooked and overcrowded. My upper wisdom teeth came through last year that are both crooked... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for Invisalign? (photos)

I met with an orthodontist a couple weeks ago. Im 34 years old and have worn the traditional braces 16 years ago. However after getting my braces off... READ MORE

It is Possible To Get Invisalign Without Removing Wisdom Teeth?

I Hesitate to Chose Invisilign if It is Needed to Remove Wisdom Teeth. Is It Possible to Avoid to D That? READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision of Partial Root Canal Before Invisalign?

Hi I had a partial root canal done on tooth #14 about 10 years ago. I did not have any pain in the tooth except a few months ago after the wisdom... READ MORE

Need 3 Wisdom Teeth Removed But Want Invisalign. Expected Complications?

Visiting a Dentist for the Invisalign.Need Remove 3wisdom Teeth Which Began Grow.Are There Any Side Effects After the Operation? 22 years old girl.... READ MORE

My wisdom teeth are coming in. Will this affect Invisalign treatment? (Photo)

I am on tray 20/33 and just noticed my bottom right wisdom tooth has begun to come in. Will this affect my treatment? One of the nurses at my... READ MORE

Pause Invisalign treatment for one week after a week? Unexperienced orthopedetist.

Because of a Discount I started invisalign without thinking. Afterwards I saw it was a training discount. -He said that my teeth have to be shaved... READ MORE

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