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Will Widening Dental Arch Will Make my Face Wider?

I have quite wide jaw line, and I hate it. However, my jaw is slimmer than before because I extracted my 4 wisdom teeth. I did not notice the change,... READ MORE

Question on Broadening a Smile With Invisalign?

I have heard conflicting answers on whether Invisalign can broaden, widen, and give you a bit more of a "Hollywood" smile. My question is... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Widen Smile and Move Teeth Forward?

I am 51 years old. My braces came off 2 years ago; had 4 extractions. My teeth don't look bad, however, they are too far back, my arch is too... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate of Invisalign if I Have Gum Recession with Widening of Smile?

I have minor crowding, no bite issues. Bite perfect but on right, teeth dont bite down in perfect zipper pattern like left. 2nd ortho can fix that... READ MORE

How Can I Broaden my Smile? (photo)

Hello I really want to broaden my smile, I feel like my smile is so narrow and small. My front teeth seem to be protruding and I am looking to go to... READ MORE

Invisalign to Widen the Dental Arches? (photo)

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to widen the dental arches with invisaling? first time got 4 teeth extracted. ended up with no lip support flat... READ MORE

How can I widen my very small mouth? I think you call it a V-shaped arch and only a few teeth show when I smile.

I am trying to get advice about what procedures can be done to widen my dental arch. Only a few teeth show when I smile, and I have to concentrate on... READ MORE

How Long To See Results With Invisalign? (photo)

Invisalign treatment to widen my smile. Is It normal that all my trays looked exacly the same size. I don't see any difference in each of them. I also... READ MORE

Will Invisalign an Arch Expansion for a Wider Look?

I just had diagnostics completed for invisalign treatment. My upper arch is narrow- will invisalign automatically create arch expansion for a wider... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Enlarge the Lower Arch? (photo)

After reading some great answers on this site, from great doctors, I think that, what i need is to widen the lower arch and push the lower teeth... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Be Able to Fix my Bite? (photo)

I was at one consultation, and she said ceramic braces would be the only option for my kind of bite. I booked an appointment with an office who... READ MORE

Will Expanding my Arch with Invisaligns Change Lip/facial Shape?

I have a case of an overjet, and deep bite. My ortho said he can treat these problems by expanding my arch. I do want a wider smile too. I'm concerned... READ MORE

6 month smile braces not giving me a perfect arch. Can Invisalign expand my arch to get straight teeth? (photos)

I was fitted with 6 month smiles over 10 months ago and my teeth are straighter but not in an arch which is what I wanted. my arch will need to be... READ MORE

How do I get a wider smile? Would Invisalign work?

I am ok, with the size/ shape of my teeth (although they are large-I'm ok with that). I just want more back teeth to show. Would Invisalign work? I... READ MORE

Can I / should I make my arch any wider? Always wanted a broad smile. (Photo)

I'm 34 and have nearly completed 12 months of Invisalign to correct overcrowding since previous fixed braces and four extractions in my early teens. I... READ MORE

About how long would Invisalign to close my gap, or make it way smaller to where its about 1/2 the size it is now? (photo)

Also, would my frenum get in the way of being able to have Invisalign. And could Invisalign widen my smile so it isn't so narrow READ MORE

I would like to know if Invisalign could widen my smile. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had braces before, but I never had the full smile I wanted. Do you think that Invisalign can widen my smile so that I can have a nice full smile... READ MORE

Is invisalign better than lingual braces for weak teeth,by weak I mean that I've quite a lot of fillings, prone to cavities etc.

Hi, Despite taking good care of my teeth - flossing +brushing x 2 day, good electric toothbrush, taking vit d & k, calcium I've a lot of fillings.... READ MORE

What would make my teeth look better? (photos)

I just finished my Invisalign treatment which improved my bite and widened my smile as well as straightened out some crowding in the front of my... READ MORE

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