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Is It Possible Wear Invisalign on Upper Teeth Only?

I am very happy with my lower teeth, but not my upper. My front two teeth overlap slightly, and my fangs are crooked. I am 15 years old but I still... READ MORE

How Much Does Invisalign for Upper Teeth Only Cost?

I have gaps on my upper teeth from my two front tooth and the teeth beside them. I'm considering getting Invisalign. I was wondering, how much would... READ MORE

Can Teeth Be Pushed out with Invisalign when IPR Has Been Conducted?

I've been wearing invisalign since 1/10 for an overjet on my upper teeth & a crossbite.The Ortho did IPR between almost every tooth on upper... READ MORE

Essix retainer cost for just upper teeth.

Can someone please let me know , after my invisalign , doctor recommended to wear my last aligner as the retainer . its been over 5 years wearing the... READ MORE

What is the difference between the actual Invisalign braces & the Vivera retainer (they look the same)?

After my Invisalign treatment, my dentist gave me a retainer that looked exactly like the invisaligns & told me to wear them every day for the 1st... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Work to Help Correct my Teeth?

For the most part my teeth dont bother me but i would like to get my top ones fixed up a bit, getting my one canine pushed back a bit and the other... READ MORE

Can I fix my midline without braces?

My midline is off on my upper teeth. If you go down the middle of my face the space between the two front teeth are slightly to the right. This is... READ MORE

Midline Shift - Can it be corrected with Invisalign or braces? (Upper teeth)

Can my misaligned teeth be corrected with Invisalign or braces? I also have an overbite that needs to be corrected along with this. READ MORE

Can Invisilign Move my Upper Teeth (Canines and Incisors) Forward?

I have worn orthodontics twice. The first time they pulled my left and right upper first bicuspids. Then they pulled my upper teeth back. This left a... READ MORE

Can I Get Invisalign to Treat One Row of Teeth and Not All?

What would happen if you get invislign to treat one row if teeth, instead of all rows of teeth. Like all my teeth are straight except for the right... READ MORE

Can I wear upper Invisalign trays on my own? 18 month plan less 8 hrs wearing per day and no visits to Orthodontist. (photos)

My boss informed me I can't wear the upper invisilgn at work(8hrs) & can't go to the ortho any longer that I received them from because he yelled @me... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Invisalign? I have high upper canines. My teeth are crooked and bunched together.(Photo)

Have wanted braces since I can remember, but want to know if invisalign is an option for me. i have high upper canines and crooked, bunched together... READ MORE

Gaps on my upper teeth and black triangles on my bottom teeth. (photos)

It is very upsetting to hear that doctors will leave gaps in someone's teeth , especially if I never had any in my life . I refuse to bond my teeth ... READ MORE

I have crowding and moderate/severe protrusion in my upper teeth. Is Invisalign a plausible option to fix these issues? (Photo)

My lower teeth have general crowding and my upper teeth have crowding and one of them severely protrudes outward. Could Invisalign fix the protrusion... READ MORE

Can Invisalign be used to pull down some of my upper teeth to make them line up better horizontally? (photo)

The left side of my upper teeth, specifically the left incisors and canine seem to be higher than the right side making my upper teeth look slanted... READ MORE

Should I get Invisalign? (Photo)

I have these two tiny gaps in my upper teeth, what is the recommended treatment? I currently have metal retainers but they have not closed the gaps. READ MORE

I'm wondering if my teeth look like they would qualify for Invisalign or other similar aligners? (photos)

I asked my dentist about it but he didn't seem to like that idea because he said I also have an overbite that needs addressed. Honestly I don't think... READ MORE

5mm total IPR on the upper teeth with Invisalign (3 mm on the upper teeth). Is it too much? (Photo)

My teeth was much bigger than they are today after all the IPR is done. It never bothered me to have big teeth, however now I feel they are half size.... READ MORE

Can Invisalign fix my midline asymmetry and arch problem? (photo)

My upper teeth have bothered me for a while. I had braces (top and bottom) for 8 months to address overcrowding but I am not happy with the results.... READ MORE

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