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Invisalign Not Fitting Properly

I started getting lazy with wearing my trays all the time. I know I shouldn't have! But the following trays seemed to fit fine so I assumed... READ MORE

Not Possible to Change Your Bite with Invisalign?

I would like my orthodontist to change my bite back to the way it used to be. He says that nature has moved my teeth to its proper place and by moving... READ MORE

Invisalign - Mouth is very dry and It's very uncomfortable wearing my aligners.

I am currently on Day 2 of my Invisalign treatment and I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. I’m having a hard time keeping my mouth from get... READ MORE

When You Get a New Set of Trays Are They Supposed to Fit Well?

Should your new trays fit your teeth perfectly or will you have retainer space at the bottom of the teeth READ MORE

1 week in my Invisalign treatment. Can I cancel it?

Im one week in my Invisalign treatment and I'm having second thoughts about it. Basically, after doing further research I've found out that I need a... READ MORE

Is an uncomfortable bite normal after Invisalign? (Photo)

I just finished my Invisalign treatments today. Last night, however, I got a tooth knocked loose. Conveniently it was one that I was disappointed had... READ MORE

Invisalign - struggling to stick to 22 hours?

I just started my Invisalign 1 week ago and so far I am really struggling to keep them on for 22 hours. I would say I average between 20-21 hours. My... READ MORE

URGENT: Uncomfortable Bite with Invisalign? (photos)

Hi, I'm currently undergoing Invisalign treatment and when I talk, my lower front teeth and upper front teeth smash into each other which makes... READ MORE

Will Invisalign results last for me? (photos)

I was advised to get invisalign to fix my gap. But I was told that my teeth will relapse back to their original position afterwards. Unless I wear a... READ MORE

What process will I have to go through to get my teeth fixed? (Photo)

I have an overjet that I'm very self conscious about. My previous dentist said I wasn't a "braces taker," whatever that might mean. In my opinion I... READ MORE

I'm on my second set and have had the experience with my lip and tongue being cut up by the edges. Any suggestions?

I'm on my second set and have had the experience with my lip and tongue being cut up by the edges.  I'm going to try the nail file idea--I did do... READ MORE

I am sensitive to cold liquids since removing the attachments - is this normal?

3 days ago my attachments were removed. At one point while removing, my uper tooth started hurting (at the point where she was drilling) - she... READ MORE

Why does my doctor keep recommending I skip the Invisalign trays that are uncomfortable?

Twice so far I have had trays that don't seem to fit. They feel too big for my teeth, wiggling and "bouncing" when I close my jaw. The lastest one is... READ MORE

Poor fit molars? (Photo)

I am currently wearing tray 24 of 54. After my wisdom tooth extracted (upper jaw), my molar seems do not have a force at the back and do not really... READ MORE

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