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Invisalign Express 10 Vs Invisalign Express 5 - What is the Difference? (photo)

My orthodontist approved me for Invisalign 10 which will take 5 months. My question is: what is the difference between Invisalign express 10 and... READ MORE

Can I Put in a New Pair of Invisalign Trays when the Old Ones Blue Dot Has Faded All the Way?

I'm supposed to put in a new invisalign tray today but i'm worried because the tray i am wearing currently, the blue dot indicator hasn't... READ MORE

How Can Invisalign Works with Only 11 Trays? Suggested Treatment with Braces Was 24 Months? (photo)

I didn't wear retainers after braces treatment. Now 28 years old, two orthos suggested me to wear regular braces for 24 months to fix my crowding and... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Fix my Overbite and Front Gap? (photo)

Hello, I have a gap and overbite. Do you think Invisalign will fix this? If so, how long do you think it will take and how much? Estimates are fine. I... READ MORE

My Invisalign Refinement Treatment is the Same As my Original Plan - 18 Trays. Is This Normal?

Currently there is still some slight crowding on my lower front teeth. Not happy about this -makes me wish I would have gone with traditional braces. READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Fix an Open Bite?

Im 17 year old boy..just turned 17..I have an open bite..thats big enough that you can almost stick a spoon through it..I also tongue thrust to sallow... READ MORE

How Long To See Results With Invisalign? (photo)

Invisalign treatment to widen my smile. Is It normal that all my trays looked exacly the same size. I don't see any difference in each of them. I also... READ MORE

What Do You Think is the Longest Length of Time You Should Wear Invisalign?

By the time I finish, I will be around 65 sets. 43U/40L for the first set (I didn't go to the very end, stopped around 40 since we were going to have... READ MORE

I am 62 & did Invisalign last yr. The dr said it would take 1 1/2 yrs but stopped abruptly after xrays after 1 yr. Why?

My regular dentist yesterday (during a root canal on a bottom tooth) said it could take 5 yrs for adults (which the ortho never mentioned who even... READ MORE

How Long Would It Take to Fix my Teeth with Invisalign? (photo)

I would like to use invisalign to fix my teeth. I have a gap, and overbite, and some slightly crooked teeth, mainly my top front and like 2 bottom.... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Invisalign to Turn This Crooked Tooth? (photo)

Have two teeth like this and a gap. Maybe 16 trays or more ? READ MORE

Invisalign Timing and Results, Different Responses from Doctors, What to Do?

I have two upper lateral incisors overlapping my front teeth and a few crooked teeth on my lower jaw. One orthodontist said it would take 12 months to... READ MORE

About How Long Would It Take Invisalign to Close my 2mm Gap and How Much Would It Cost? (photo)

I'm 17 years old and have had this gap for my whole life. It's slightly less than 2mm between my two front teeth. My teeth are also slightly crooked... READ MORE

Attachment without aligners? I worry that the attachments will cause sores.

For various complicated reasons I can only visit my orthodontist every 6-10 months during a 2 year treatment. I have just started and have 12 top... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Refuse Express Treatment if Results Would Be Inadequate?

I am confused about what treatment to go for. Invisalign first offered express treatment but my dentist also got a plan for full treatment (17 trays).... READ MORE

Is my Orthodontist Right in Doing This?

So I started my invislign treatment on august 20th of this year. (1 1/2 year treatment) The reason for my inviting was to treat a slight malocclusion... READ MORE

I Have One Week Invisalign Trays Prescribed for 20 Weeks. Everyone on the Posts Seem to Say Theirs Are 2 Week Trays?

Why would my trays be prescribed for one week at a time instead of the typical two week period that everyone else seems to have prescribed? READ MORE

Why do my teeth look worse after 3 years of Invisalign treatment? (Photo)

Can someone PLEASE help me. When i started invisalign I was told i it would be 1 1/2 treatment. During that time i had several refinements done up... READ MORE

I Have Started Invisalign Express and I Have 8 Trays in Total but Was Wondering if I Can Actually Speed Up my Treatment?

I had braces 9 years ago but because I didn't wear my retainers like I should of, I ended up with my teeth moving a bit, I just started my invisalign... READ MORE

Am I Being Taken Advantage with This Invislign Treatment?

So i started my invislign treatment end of july. My orthodontist told me my invislign treatment time span will be 1.5 year. I amhave being charged for... READ MORE

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