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Who Makes the Treatment Plan, the Dentist or the Invisalign Company?

It seems there is some confusion on who ultimately sets the treatment plan for patients using Invisalign. Does the dentist set the treatment plan, and... READ MORE

Invisalign is staining my teeth yellow?

I am 6 months into Invisalign. I'm very careful about cleaning my teeth and aligners. However the teeth with the attachments glued on are definite... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Treatment Plan Computer-generated?

If it is all planned out by computer what exactly does the orthodontist do? Just curious. I have already started my treatment. READ MORE

Vast difference in opinion from Orthondontist RT treatment plan

I am 51 & considering invisalign for cosmetic reasons. I have moderate crowding of my front teeth & a cross bite on an upper molar on both... READ MORE

After completing your Invisalign treatment, how many hours a day do you have to wear your retainer?

I am currently in treatment and just read somewhere that you have to wear the retainer all day everyday for the first year. That seems like quite a... READ MORE

How will low bone density affect my teeth during invisalign treatment?

I am a 37 yo female who just started Invisalign 10 days ago. 7 yrs ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis (cause unknown) and was even on a 2 year... READ MORE

Canine rotation with Invisalign. How can it be straightened?

I have been wearing Invisalign for over a year and teeth have nicely aligned except for right canine which is not rotating enough. I have attachments... READ MORE

Can I change my Invisalign aligners if they are still tight after two weeks?

I'm on my first tray of Invisalign. My top aligners have been loose since the end of the first week. After 10 days, my bottom aligners are very loose... READ MORE

What is the cause and treatment for the sensation that the tip of your tongue is burned?

I have had Invisalign for 8 months. Recently I developed the sensation that the tip of my tongue is burned. What could be the cause and what are... READ MORE

What happens if I wear my Invisalign tray for 30 minutes less a day? (Photo)

I've been very good with wearing my Invisalign trays for 22 hours a day. I'm on my first tray out of 21 total trays and I have to wear them each for 2... READ MORE

Had my invisalign treatment for about 3 years now I have 3 months left approx and my dentist wants to stop my treatment?

I have had my invisalign for about 3 years roughly i have to be honest i have been very inconsistent due to traveling so much since due to sports... READ MORE

Would a removable appliance work to straighten my crooked front teeth or do I need more extensive work? (photos)

I am considering orthodontic treatment in the next year for my crooked or rotated front teeth. I do not desire to spend 1-2 years in traditional... READ MORE

Severe Overjet and Overbite Treatment. Please Help! (Photo)

What treatment would be best for my teeth? I have been told that I have an overbite and an overjet (not sure of the mm). I am feeling very overwhelmed... READ MORE

Horrible issues after invisalign, can I ask for refund?

I finished all trays but got severe bite problem. None of my upper premolar teeth fit with the lower ones. Orthodontist asked me to pull all the... READ MORE

Cannot chew properly after invisalign treatment, what can be done? (Photos)

I have started invisalign treatment 19 trays ago (2 weeks per tray) and just finished it, but now I cannot chew properly especially on the right side,... READ MORE

Can we stop and not continue with the Invisalign treatment?

Our dentist coded us for upper and lower Invisalign but when the treatment time came he said that we don't need the lower he just did the upper! We... READ MORE

Swollen itchy peeling lips Invisalign

I have had my invisalign for 12 weeks, my lips peel, itch and swell when trays are in. I have stopped wearing them today. I am reading on other... READ MORE

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