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How Long Will Invisalign Usually Take?

I had Braces in high school, and now, four years later, one of my two front teeth is slightly in front of the other. Can anyone give an estimate of... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Tooth Gap Closed?

I have a gap in my two front tooth and I was wondering, how much willl it cost to get it closed? READ MORE

How Long to Wear Invisalign for Crowded Teeth?

How long do you have to wear Invisalign? My teeth are very crowded and I wanted crowns, but they say that's too expensive. They said I should wear... READ MORE

Teeth Bands Versus Invisalign for Gap Between Front Teeth?

Why would invisalign be a better option for straightening a gap between two front teeth over teeth bands? (http://www.teethgap.com/) Is it important... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Correct a Serious Overbite?

I went to my orthodontist a few weeks ago and he told me I am a good candidate for invisalign. He is pretty experienced when it comes to treatment. I... READ MORE

What's the Average Number of Trays Needed for Invisalign Refinement?

About how long does it take to reach the ideal alignment? READ MORE

Metal Bond Wire or Retainers After Invisalign?

I am coming to the final stages of my Invisalign treatment. Should I opt for the metal wire option where it is bonded to the back of my teeth, or... READ MORE

What Would Happen to Retainers Accidentally Washed in Hot Water?

What is there to be done after accidentally washing the Essix retainer in hot water? Does the plastic distort even in a rather short moment under hot... READ MORE

Invisalign Side Effects

What are all the Invisalign side effects I might experience if I decide to get them? Thx READ MORE

Cases of Relapse (Teeth Shifting Back) After Invisalign?

I had braces for a little over 2 years when I was 12. I am now 26 and my teeth seems to have shifted back to their original position. I have slight... READ MORE

Why Shouldn't Invisalign Sets Be Replaced Quicker?

I have a question about my Invisalign express sets. You're suppose to be putting a new set every two weeks, but I've kinda been putting them on a... READ MORE

Does Invisalign Really Correct Underbite?

My son has a slight under bite. Does anyone have experience using Invisalign to correct under bite? Any recommendations? READ MORE

Is Invisalign the Best Teeth Straightening Option for Really Crooked Teeth?

How complex of a fix can u get from invisalign? My teeth are really bad so will it work on anyone or is there a limit? READ MORE

Switching Invisalign Trays Every 10-11 Days Instead of 14?

It seems like I have very little soreness after putting in my new Invisalign aligners. I feel the pressure the first couple days, but after that, the... READ MORE

Is it ok that my Invisalign tray does not go all the way down? (photo)

I got my invisilign 3 months ago.I usually wear them 22-23 hours a day. But i have a problem. As you can see it doesn`t go all the way down. My doctor... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take Invisalign to Close Gap from Tooth Extraction?

I had four teeth extracted. They are the two behind eachthe canine on top and the ones adjacent on the bottom. How long will it take Invisalign to... READ MORE

Is Splenda Better for Your Teeth Than Sugar?

I know sugar is suppose to be reduced with Invisalign and braces, and  heard Xylitol is better for your teeth than sugar. Is Splenda also better... READ MORE

Possible to Stop with the Braces to Get Invisalign?

I am 19 years old owe 975 on my metal braces and I want to stop treatment and get Invisalign because I have already had this metal on for almost two... READ MORE

Migraines from Braces?

My son has a tooth growing behind other teeth, and he has headaches ever since they put the spacers in. I read that braces can cause migraines, and am... READ MORE

Protruding Teeth Correction with Invisalign?

I have medium protruding upper teeth, which makes it hard to fully close the lips in a resting position. One ortho recommends extraction of four first... READ MORE

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