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Invisalign and Palate Expander in Adults?

Can you use a sagittal appliance on a 20yo adult male? I am currently being treated with a regular type expander which is working amazingly, however,... READ MORE

Is There a Structure to Taking out Invisalign Aligners?

Does anyone have any tips for taking off the aligners for invisalign? I spend about 20 minutes each time I need to take them off. The aligners do... READ MORE

My Doctor Says "Invisalign Recently Started Coming out with Grooved Trays for Those Who Don't Want Buttons" - True?

I have already paid this Doctor for Invisalign and I feel like he is not telling me something. I want to do everything possible to get the best... READ MORE

Two Different Specialist Advice, Need Help from an Expert. Which Treatment Plan Is Right For Me? (photo)

I visited two different experts, and I got two different tecniques, I don't know what to choose considering i'm not an expert... This is my... READ MORE

Possible to Avoid Moving Dead Tooth w/ Invisalign?

Ok so my ortho did indeed do the spoon test and it did sound different when tapping on the affected tooth. He said what I can do is start the... READ MORE

Why Does an Orthodontist Choose to Treat Their Patients with Invisalign Vs. Other Clear Aligner Solution?

Financial costs and benefits to the doctor of recommending one vs. another? How much of the decision is based on patients explicitly asking for... READ MORE

Invisilign or 3M Braces for my Case? (photo)

Dear Doctor, I am asking you this question as i am 27 years old and living abroad (China). I often need to travel which could be an important point... READ MORE

Invisalign for my open bite? (photos)

Hello, i would like to know if it is possible to close my open bite with invisalign. I heard different opinions.Some doctors have suggested other... READ MORE

My Dr. Wants To Perform The New Propel Procedure, (I Have One Tooth That's Being Stubborn) Any Thoughts?

Was supposed to be finished in ten months. Because of one stubborn eye tooth I'm on month15 with three more to go. Be patient? or speed things up with... READ MORE

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