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Will Invisalign Fix a Misaligned Open-bite?

I've been contemplating getting Invisalign braces; however, I wonder if it will help my malocclusion. I suspect there a several things wrong with... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Space Between my Teeth?

I was told i was going to wear invisalign for 8 months, im done with my top but i still have space between my 4 front teeth and now im three aligners... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Close the Spaces and my Gap? (Photos)

I have spaces between majority of my teeth and a missing tooth due to a cavity at the bottom so i think invisalign wont work at the bottom. Will it?... READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Done to Close Space Between Canine and Premolar?

I am currently receiving Invisalign, however my final plan leaves me with a space (about 3mm) between my lower canine & premolar. Would bonding be... READ MORE

Estimated Treatment Time and Success in Correcting Teeth? (photo)

Hello, I want to get from the wonderful experts on here an estimated treatment time and success in correcting my teeth with Invisalign? As you can see... READ MORE

My Invisalign won't go all the way up to the gum line ( bottom and top ). Any suggestions? (photos)

Invisalign tray one day 2 doesn't fit right I have a picture please let me know what you think Look at the spacing making it look really noticeable READ MORE

Candidate for Invisalign? (photo)

I have a missing a central incisor on my lower teeth I was just born without one. I have always had three bottom Incisors no idea why. From what I... READ MORE

Can a 10mm overbite be corrected with 10mm of IPR spaced out between all teeth with Invisalign? (photo)

IPR is supposedly going to be done throughout the treatment not before. What do you guys think? READ MORE

Will My Issues Be Corrected With Invisalign Revision 5 Years After 1st Treatment?

I had Invisalign in 2006 when I was 16 years old. I got Invisalign because had one protruding tooth that I wanted to be aligned with the rest of my... READ MORE

Do Patients Have to Pay More Money to Fix Residual Spacing Due to Excessive IPR?

I am on my last tray of Invisalign Express, and the place where my doctor performed an IPR has not closed. Are patients expected to pay additional... READ MORE

Will invisalign and veneers fix my teeth? (Photo)

I was born without lateral incisors, so that has caused all sorts of problems with my teeth. There is a large amount of spacing, and I believe I have... READ MORE

Can Invisalign move teeth forward and down to take away the overwhelming appearance of small teeth? (photo)

I would love the appearance of a perfect, straight smile but i would like to avoid braces if possible. I have had Invisalign for some time and the... READ MORE

Any suggestions on upper spacing, lower crowding, buck teeth overjet, gap tooth? (photos)

I am 24; Upper spacing, lower crowding, buck teeth overjet, gap tooth, as show in the pictures. Whats better for me Invisalign or braces? I am worried... READ MORE

Will Spacing Added Before Invisalign for Overcrowding Be Noticeable?

I was told that I need small spaces to be made in order for invisalign to correct my crowding. Will this spacing be noticeable to people? READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Invisalign, Clear Aligners or Porcelain Veneers? (photos)

I need advise on how to fix my teeth and have a nice smile. I don't like that my 2 front teeth are very long. I also have spacing and some protrusion.... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old with overjet and a little of extra spacing. Do I really need to get my biscupids teeth removed? (photo)

I have gone to two orthodontist and they said I have excess overjet of know I have some spacing on my teeth but not much I don't think.I just... READ MORE

Should I get refinement tray? Would bonding help? (Photos)

Hello, I am almost done with my Invisalign treatment. I am on my second to last tray and my treatment will be complete December 30. I currently moved... READ MORE

Which is Better for Overjet and Spacing Issues on Upper Set of Teeth: Invisalign or Braces?

I'm 16 and I have been considering Invisalign as a method for fixing my teeth instead or normal braces because Invisalign better suites my lifestyle.... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for Invisalign even for minor problems ? (photos)

I have minor teeth problems that are really bothering me. My teeth from the front look fine, but there is minor spacing that you can see from the... READ MORE

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