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Can Invisalign fix my crooked smile and widen my arch to give me a bigger smile? (photos)

I had braces 10 years ago . My teeth are prettt straight when you see them in person but in pictures they look slanted , I see the slight slant in the... READ MORE

Would Invisalign be able to fix my edge to edge bite and slight crowding? (photos)

I a bit concerned now, because I didn't seek out several options when choosing a provider. I love my dentist and they do a great job! I figured they... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Express fix my teeth after they shifted after Braces? (photos)

I don't know what do you think? Everyone thinks my teeth are fine but they have shifted after about 6 years and I think I should fix them. Do you... READ MORE

I have crowded and slightly protruding teeth. Which is the best treatment? (photos)

I have crowded and slightly protruding teeth. Which is the best treatment? My dentist has suggested extraction of 4 teeth, and braces for 2 years. I... READ MORE

Can Invisalign fix what traditional wire braces couldn't?

I had my braces taken off just a couple of weeks ago and I was not entirely happy with the results. The bottom teeth are perfectly straight and so are... READ MORE

Slight crossbite during my Invisalign treatment, my dentist said we need to grind the teeth. Opinions? (photos)

I am in my 8/12 brace of my Invisalign treatment (before refinements). My lower jaw can slide to the right without much resistance at the molars,... READ MORE

Teeth crowded slightly from not wearing my very last invisalign tray.

Can I order my last two or three trays? I haven't been wearing my last invisalign tray and my teeth have shifted slightly. Can I order my last two or... READ MORE

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