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Invisalign and TMJ

I am on tray 6 of Invisalign and am having problems with pain in my jaw and headaches. Do other people have this problem? I am wondering if I am... READ MORE

Teeth Bands Versus Invisalign for Gap Between Front Teeth?

Why would invisalign be a better option for straightening a gap between two front teeth over teeth bands? ( Is it important... READ MORE

Invisalign Side Effects

What are all the Invisalign side effects I might experience if I decide to get them? Thx READ MORE

Is Filing Between Teeth at the Beginning of Invisalign Treatment Typical Practice?

My 15 year old daughter has just started Invisalign treatment. Is it typical to manually file between certain teeth to make space for movement? Is... READ MORE

Tender Sensitive Teeth from Invisalign Retainers?

Hi, I've researched the questions on but couldn't find an answer. I completed my treatment 4 months ago and wear my retainers... READ MORE

IPR Needed for Invisalign?

I heard it often require IPR. I've already filed down my teeth when I wore braces before. In this case, will the IPR cause sensitivity? READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause Locked Jaw?

I'm on my second set of retainers and my jaw locked up. It'snot locked open and its not locked closed, I just can't open my mouth all the way. It has... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Make You Nauseous?

I am 4 days into Invisalign and am slightly dizzy and nauseous, unless I am lying down.  Is this normal?  READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause Ear Pain?

I'm just on my first set of trays and about 2 nights into treatment, I experienced severe ear pain. Is this common? READ MORE

Will People Notice That I'm Talking Differently with Invisalign?

I am concerned because I have worn bleaching trays before and they felt bulky in my mouth and made me talk funny. READ MORE

Can I Quit Invisalign Treatment?

I started a treatment with Invisalign but in the first days I had very strong feeling of vomiting and I stopped to wear because I am afraid that it... READ MORE

I have been wearing Invisalign for two days now and have been feeling nauseous and dizzy. Is this a side effect?

I have been wearing my Invisalign for two days now and I am feeling nauseous and dizzy with upset stomach are the two related? READ MORE

I Have Periodontal Disease Which is Treated, Is Invisalign Recommended? (photo)

I have recently been treated for periodontal disease. Unfortunately it has caused a minor gap (<1mm) in my front 2 teeth. - Should i consider... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Affect my Rhinoplasty?

Will Invisalign affect a Rhinoplasty I had done December last year? READ MORE

Invisalign and Dental Implants. Adverse Effects?

I have a crown and a dental implant, will invisalign treatment have any adverse effects on these (both lower jaw, I've paid such a lot for them... READ MORE

Attachments on teeth for three years - effects?

Hello I finished off a course of Invisalign two years ago, but due to sudden travel found myself off around the world and gradually forgot about the... READ MORE

Need 3 Wisdom Teeth Removed But Want Invisalign. Expected Complications?

Visiting a Dentist for the Invisalign.Need Remove 3wisdom Teeth Which Began Grow.Are There Any Side Effects After the Operation? 22 years old girl.... READ MORE

I'm on tray 7 out of 10 in my Invisalign treatment. I accidentally put tray 7 in a day early. Will this cause any harm?

I wore tray 6 for only 13 days. I felt some more pressure with tray 7, but not too bad. I just want to make sure this will not cause any negative side... READ MORE

I Am Having Extreme Facial/jaw/sinus Pain from my Invisalign, Normal?

I never take Advil or any kind of medicine unless I am very ill. Which is never. Maybe 8 Advil a year. I have had the Invisalign tray for one week and... READ MORE

Has anyone experienced nausea while using Invisalign?

I had braces ten years ago. Stopped using a retainer maybe five years ago. My dentist recommended using my unopened Invisalign retainers to get my... READ MORE

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