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Does Invisalign Work on Misaligned Teeth?

I am a 51 year female. I've been wearing a retainer at night from the orthodontist for the past 5 years. My top front teeth are shifted over I was... READ MORE

One of my Two Front Teeth is Shifting on Top of the Other - Can Invisalign Correct This?

I had braces as a teenager however I foolishly never followed up with the retainer. Can Invisalign shift back the tooth to its intended position? READ MORE

Invisalign Doesn't Stay on Back Tooth - Is This Okay?

I Just Had Invisilign and the Bottom Back Tooth on the Left Isnt Sticking to the Invisilign. Invisilign moves on the back bottom its not stuck solid ,... READ MORE

Will my Teeth Shift Considerably if I Leave Invisalign Retainer out for a Week?

I have been on invisalign retainers for just over a year (night time wear only). I am having a gum graft in the next few weeks and have been told I... READ MORE

Can roots of a tooth fuse to the bone?

I've been told recently that statistics say after the age of 26, the probability of being able to retrieve an impacted tooth such as the "I tooth" and... READ MORE

Invisalign: Cost Vs. Benefit?

I had standard metal braces for over 3 years for an overbite, but after I still had an overbite. 3 yrs later, I had my wisdom teeth removed, and my... READ MORE

Midline Shift - Can it be corrected with Invisalign or braces? (Upper teeth)

Can my misaligned teeth be corrected with Invisalign or braces? I also have an overbite that needs to be corrected along with this. READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix a Shifting Tooth? (photo)

I have really straight teeth and a good bite, but there's one tooth (second one over from front teeth, top of mouth, right side) and it's shifting and... READ MORE

Invisalign Redo or Just Corrections Necessary to Fix Gap?

I went through the invisalign treatment. The retainer popped off on a Friday and my teeth shifted before Monday. My orthodontist said that my... READ MORE

Midline Shift College Student? (photo)

Hello, I have a pretty noticeable midline shift, and I have been wanting to get it fixed for quite some time. I had braces before, but my orthodontist... READ MORE

Tooth misalignment due to wearing only top retainer?

I had braces 15 years back and I wear retainers every night. I had a gum graft procedure on gum behind bottom front tooth done 45 days back. My... READ MORE

What can I do about a shifted midline?

I've had braces about four years back. They removed my canine tooth on the left side. During the process of healing and alignment my teeth shifted to... READ MORE

Invisalign to Repair Bite After Braces?

I used to have braces. After taking them off, there is the 2-week-waiting period for the retainer. While waiting, my teeth started shifting. Now, my... READ MORE

Will Invisalign or Braces fix teeth that are slanted/shifted vertically? (photos)

The right side of my front upper teeth are shifted downward, creating an overbite on the right side of my mouth. I think I might have caused this... READ MORE

Happily Finished Invisalign, Now Tooth Shifted Up After One Night?

I just finished my Invisalign treatment yesteday and was happy with the result. As a parting gift my dentist fixed my right front tooth which was... READ MORE

I am interested, but am I a candidate for this procedure? (Photo)

I am 25 years old and have a baby tooth that never came out. I was hoping as time passed it would eventually fall out and I'd grow a new one but this... READ MORE

is it possible to fix a inward shifting tooth if so how much would it cost? (photo)

Hi i am 19 years old i had a baby tooth that wouldn't fall out my dentist didn't want to take it out even though ive mentioned i could feel my second... READ MORE

I am missing an incisor so all of my top teeth shifted making one front tooth dead center? (photo)

Is this something Invisalign can fix? I wonder if invisiline, alone will be able to spread them apart when there is not room for a whole tooth to be... READ MORE

I lost my container over a year ago. My teeth have shifted, can I get a new one since it's been that long? (photos)

I think I lost my retainer about two years ago. My teeth had shifted since I got my braces off. I was wondering if a new retainer could be made to... READ MORE

3 Mm Upper Teeth Midline Shift, IPR?

I have 3 mm upper teeth midline shift (incisors aren't in the middle of my face) to the right. There is no room on the left to move them. Is it... READ MORE

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