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Do the Rubber Bands and Invisalign Work for Correcting the Bite?

My daughter is 15 and needs braces. According to reports she has 4mm of upper crowding and about the right amount of space for the teeth in the lower... READ MORE

Rubber Bands with Invisalign: Is it Too Late in the Process?

I am currently on my 18th or 23rd set of aligners and i am an overbite. my orthodontist has not suggested or mentioned the use of rubber bands with... READ MORE

Invisalign Feels Loose?

I have rubber bands on my invisalign and on one of my canine teeth I have a rubber band that hooks on to it. When I put in the tray, it feels a little... READ MORE

I'm wearing one rubber band. Should I wear one of the opposite side?

Hi there, I recently started the refinement stage of Invisalign, which now includes rubber bands. They hooked the right side for me at the office,... READ MORE

Nasal Breathing and Braces?! Will Rubber Bands Help??

I am a 20yo male undergoing orthodontic treatment for a class iii. I currently have an expander on my uppers and invisalign on lowers.Since commencing... READ MORE

Invisalign really getting on my nerves. Do attachments fall off all the time?

I can deal with the sharp edges I can deal with restricting my food intake, I can even deal with the plastic rubber bands. But I am getting frustrated... READ MORE

With Invisalign, Will Two #4 Rubber Bands Apply a Lot of Pressure to my Jaw?

I have had my jaw joints replaced with metal and have little to no movement of my jaw. I am in the process of getting Invisalign and was told I would... READ MORE

Wearing Carrier Device (Rubber Bands) Before Beginning Invisalign Treatment?

My orthodontist suggested that I should wear a carrier device (rubber bands) to correct my bite before beginning Invisalign treatment (there's an... READ MORE

How long is too long to put Invisalign back in?

I was on tray 10 out of 19 when I got sick and was unable to wear my retainers for about 2 months. I know I probably shouldn't have, but I put both... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to skip three weeks of treatment and advancing on to next tray?

I went in to get buttons on for rubber bands. Got the metal ones to hook on to. Tongue is still getting used to it. Anyway, I came in wearing tray 4... READ MORE

I have Invisalign and an overbite. The rubber bands don't seem to be correcting my bite. After 8 months what's next?

I have had Invisalign for 8 months and been wearing rubber bands for at least 6 months. I have an overbite, but do not see improvements. My... READ MORE

Why didn't my Ortho. suggest rubber bands with my Invisalign?

My lower jaw is off-set to the right compared to my top teeth. You can visually see it's off when I close my mouth even looking at my chin. I have... READ MORE

Any recommendation? My dentist left Invisalign work undone.

My ortho left work undone. She took my file wherever she works now. I googled her and there in no trace. Contact numbers she left no longer belong to... READ MORE

I got my refinement set of invisalign & they have the hooks where rubber bands should go and I suppose to wear bands?

I am not very happy with the ortho I am going to. They do not seem to explain anything and he didn't give me bands or tell me. Also, originally he... READ MORE

What can be done for stubborn tooth after Invisalign? (photo)

I am done w all trays finally except 1 tooth needs to drop down a tad more. we've come to point where metal bracket put on w use of rubber bands to... READ MORE

Can Invisalign fix my open bite and cross bite? Or do I need to have braces with rubber bands? (photos)

The dentist also said I'll need an expansion plate, is all of this really necessary? READ MORE

Will Invisalign work in my case? (Photos)

I am 29 years old, and had braces (twice), a palate expander, rubber bands, and headgear in my teens. However, I now have a crossbite and crooked... READ MORE

I am having problems putting the rubber bands in with Invisalign. Any suggestions?

I am using a clear rubberbands on clear aligners and can't seem to get it to stay on. READ MORE

My maxillary 2nd molar (#2) is only partially covered by my Invisalign. Why is this ? Is this normal ?

I should have been done with my treatment , the orthodontist has now realized that that molar has a cross bite issue (the one that was only partially... READ MORE

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