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Invisalign and TMJ

I am on tray 6 of Invisalign and am having problems with pain in my jaw and headaches. Do other people have this problem? I am wondering if I am... READ MORE

There's a Groupon Today for Invisalign in my Area. Would You Recommend This?

I have a preferred dentist, but the Groupon is such a good deal. I don't know if this is a gimmick or not, or if there's a way for the dentist... READ MORE

Is There a High Risk Of Cavities With Invisalign?

I'm going for my clincheck this week- but have come across postings dealing with the increased rate of cavities with invisalign. I'm starting... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Damage Teeth?

I had Invisalign for 8 months and had the 2 attachments on the upper second tooth from the front on each side. When they were removed, vertical... READ MORE

Is Invisalign a Risk for Teeth That Have Small Roots?

Is Invisalign a Risk for Teeth That Have Small Roots? READ MORE

How Much IPR Can Be Done to One Tooth?

A disadvantage of using a big ortho group. Finished invisalign; had refinement to close a black triangle between2 front teeth. Different ortho did IPR... READ MORE

Is Invisalign a Risk for Root Resorption on a Tooth That Has Been Knocked out and Had a Root Canal?

About five years ago my upper front tooth was partially knocked out and i recieved a root canal. The tooth is still slightly loose but no signs of... READ MORE

I've Lost Aligner 11? What Shall I Do?

Hi, Please can you help me? I am half way through (1 x week) into aligner 11 when the cleaners at work accidentally through it out. My dentist has... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Affect the Health of my Mouth?

I am concerned with the health of my mouth, and although I want straight teeth, and spent lots of $, I want to make sure that the aligners' flaws will... READ MORE

Invisalign. 50 years old with 40% bone loss. Will there be enough support when my teeth start moving?

I have crowded and overlapping teeth on my bottom jaw. My dentist said I am a good candidate for invisalign. I have 40% bone loss on each top and... READ MORE

Can Invisalign use lead to gum black triangles?

Can the wearing of the Invisalign retainer lead to loss of gum tissue between the teeth and increase the risk of forming black triangles between... READ MORE

Is taking teeth out necessary? Am I going to stay with gaps? (photos)

At the beginning of my treatment I was given two options two teeth taken out or not. The difference was tiny, my middle line not perfectly aligned .... READ MORE

Are invisalign attachments and/or glue safe during the first trimester?

I just recently found out I am pregnant. Only a few weeks along. I am scheduled to get an invisalign refinement set of aligners next week. I'm trying... READ MORE

Mints containing xylitol...

Are those okay to suck on when your aligners are in place? I have heard xylitol is good for teeth in general, but not sure about the effect when it is... READ MORE

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