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Not Happy With Invislign Results, Can I Get A Refund, Or Normal Braces?

I'm 15, & about a year ago my dentist told me i was the perfect canidate for invisalign, i had crowded teeth, & he showed me the before... READ MORE

My Teeth Aren't How I Want Them After Finishing Invisalign?

I tried to tell my ortho that I'm not satisfied with my teeth but he keeps telling me that they are fine, it makes me sad because I spent a lot of... READ MORE

Do I Have to Have New Invisalign Retainer Made if I Need 2 New Crowns?

Invisalign treatment ended 3 yrs ago. Been in the last tray on the bottom since then. Now I need two new crowns on the bottom. Will the tray still fit... READ MORE

Invisalign Redo or Just Corrections Necessary to Fix Gap?

I went through the invisalign treatment. The retainer popped off on a Friday and my teeth shifted before Monday. My orthodontist said that my... READ MORE

I Had Orthodontic Treatment for my Overcrowded Teeth - Lasting for 5 Years. I Am Not Satisfied, Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

Will treatment such as invisalign correct my teeth to go backward, and upward, and shift into the midline/with nasal bridge. READ MORE

Invisalign Extruded my Upper Molars and Intruded my Lower Molars. Can They Correct This?

I went through Invisalign treatment to straighten a couple lower anterior teeth. Though it never showed on the Clincheck, the aligners pulled my upper... READ MORE

Will Teeth Return to Original Structure After Stopping Invisalign Mid-way?

I'm terminating invisalign treatment after 3.5 months. My original orthodontist declared bankruptcy and I was given a free consultation by another... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision of Partial Root Canal Before Invisalign?

Hi I had a partial root canal done on tooth #14 about 10 years ago. I did not have any pain in the tooth except a few months ago after the wisdom... READ MORE

Will My Issues Be Corrected With Invisalign Revision 5 Years After 1st Treatment?

I had Invisalign in 2006 when I was 16 years old. I got Invisalign because had one protruding tooth that I wanted to be aligned with the rest of my... READ MORE

Possible to Get Invisalign on a Few Teeth to Pull Them Back?

I have had braces before I had them on for 2 to 3 years, now my teeth have slightly moved back is there anyway to move them back without invisalign?... READ MORE

If I previously had Invisalign but closed my case, could I still get revisions? I know it was additional money

I had Invisalign, was wearing my retainer for a year then thought I was sterilizing it and melted my retainer. Not the brightest idea. I haven't worn... READ MORE

10 months post op Invisalign. Is he right or giving my a runaround to avoid revisions?

I have been wearing invisalign for about 10 months now and just went in for my last 3 trays. I pointed out to the orthodontist that one of my teeth... READ MORE

I have an incisal gap. My dentist is content with my results so she doesn't want to do anything else. Is there anything I can do

I'm on my last tray and there is an incisal gap over one of my teeth. I told the dentist I wasn't happy with how it looks, but she said she's happy... READ MORE

Invisalign for minor teeth shift after having Braces removed?

I had braces for 3 and a half years. It was only supposed to be for 2. Now 3 years later after they were taken off, my teeth have shifted very... READ MORE

Switching from dentist to orthodontist for invisalign?

Ok so I'm switching to an orthodontist for my invisalign case. I will have to start all over since my regular dentist did not have me in rubber bands... READ MORE

Should I do Invisalign revisions to get a perfect smile even though my bite is perfect now? (Photos)

I had braces as a teen for 2 yrs but my teeth were not perfectly straight when they were taken off. I also had an underbite as a teen and had 2 molars... READ MORE

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