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Not Happy With Invislign Results, Can I Get A Refund, Or Normal Braces?

I'm 15, & about a year ago my dentist told me i was the perfect canidate for invisalign, i had crowded teeth, & he showed me the before... READ MORE

My Teeth Aren't How I Want Them After Finishing Invisalign?

I tried to tell my ortho that I'm not satisfied with my teeth but he keeps telling me that they are fine, it makes me sad because I spent a lot of... READ MORE

Do I Have to Have New Invisalign Retainer Made if I Need 2 New Crowns?

Invisalign treatment ended 3 yrs ago. Been in the last tray on the bottom since then. Now I need two new crowns on the bottom. Will the tray still fit... READ MORE

Invisalign Redo or Just Corrections Necessary to Fix Gap?

I went through the invisalign treatment. The retainer popped off on a Friday and my teeth shifted before Monday. My orthodontist said that my... READ MORE

I Had Orthodontic Treatment for my Overcrowded Teeth - Lasting for 5 Years. I Am Not Satisfied, Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

Will treatment such as invisalign correct my teeth to go backward, and upward, and shift into the midline/with nasal bridge. READ MORE

Will Teeth Return to Original Structure After Stopping Invisalign Mid-way?

I'm terminating invisalign treatment after 3.5 months. My original orthodontist declared bankruptcy and I was given a free consultation by another... READ MORE

Invisalign Extruded my Upper Molars and Intruded my Lower Molars. Can They Correct This?

I went through Invisalign treatment to straighten a couple lower anterior teeth. Though it never showed on the Clincheck, the aligners pulled my upper... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision of Partial Root Canal Before Invisalign?

Hi I had a partial root canal done on tooth #14 about 10 years ago. I did not have any pain in the tooth except a few months ago after the wisdom... READ MORE

Will My Issues Be Corrected With Invisalign Revision 5 Years After 1st Treatment?

I had Invisalign in 2006 when I was 16 years old. I got Invisalign because had one protruding tooth that I wanted to be aligned with the rest of my... READ MORE

Possible to Get Invisalign on a Few Teeth to Pull Them Back?

I have had braces before I had them on for 2 to 3 years, now my teeth have slightly moved back is there anyway to move them back without invisalign?... READ MORE

If I previously had Invisalign but closed my case, could I still get revisions? I know it was additional money

I had Invisalign, was wearing my retainer for a year then thought I was sterilizing it and melted my retainer. Not the brightest idea. I haven't worn... READ MORE

10 months post op Invisalign. Is he right or giving my a runaround to avoid revisions?

I have been wearing invisalign for about 10 months now and just went in for my last 3 trays. I pointed out to the orthodontist that one of my teeth... READ MORE

Invisalign for minor teeth shift after having Braces removed?

I had braces for 3 and a half years. It was only supposed to be for 2. Now 3 years later after they were taken off, my teeth have shifted very... READ MORE

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