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Does Invisalign Work?

Before i spend thousands (ugh) I want to make sure Invisalign works as promised in the advertising. READ MORE

How Long Do Invisalign Results Last?

I have always had straight teeth, but they started to shift when I turned 23 (I'm 24 now and they are still shifting). If I get Invisalign and... READ MORE

How Fast Does Invisalign Work? When Does a Significant Difference Start to Show?

I'm a junior in high school and I never needed teeth treatment until now. I talk to my ortho already and he said Invisalign could be an option but... READ MORE

When Will I See Invisalign Results?

Just started invisalign treatment, when should i start seeing movement/ results? thanks in advance READ MORE

Invisalign Results Depend on Competence of Provider?

Am I correct in assuming that your Invisalign results are only as good as the provider giving the service? Should the dental assistant be the one... READ MORE

Can You Stop Invisalign Mid-treatment?

What if you decide to quit using Invisalign before you use all your trays, either because you've changed you mind or because you're satisfied with the... READ MORE

Not Happy with Invisalign Results. Can I Do Traditional Braces Later?

There are gaps left from IPR. My doctor did not mention refinments and I did no push it because I lost total trust on him. I was left with a couple of... READ MORE

Can I Opt to Not Have Invisalign on Top Teeth?

I had attachments put on my lower teeth today, but wanted to wait for the top. I am supposed to get 3 of them on the top, but REALLY don't want them... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Straight Invisalign Trays and Still Crooked Teeth?

In the end of the treatment? I have just started Inv treatment. I can see my last trays look very straight and I expect that only straight teeth to be... READ MORE

Clenching with Invisalign. Could doing this affect my treatment in a bad way?

Ever since I got Invisalign I've been clenching my teeth like crazy. I've noticed after the slight pain of doing goes away it feels quite nice, like... READ MORE

I Have Invisalign and It is Being Used to Correct an Overbite, But Will It Work? (photo)

I have been researching online and have read that you can not correct an overbite using elastics once the upper jaw is formed. I am 22 years old so I... READ MORE

Invisalign Treatment Nearly over but Not the Results I Wanted - What Can I Do?

I originally had 16 aligners for the top and 15 for the bottom teeth. Then I had more impressions taken for my top teeth and got 9 more aligners. My... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Solve my Problem Start to Finish in 3 Appointments? (photo)

I must travel abroad for a job and before I go I want to get invisalign, but i have time only for the first 2 appointments-just to take the... READ MORE

Invisalign braces missing attachments on 2 crowned teeth - Will the final results be less than optimal?

My treatment plan shows attachments on tooth #3 & #15 but they are both crowned so my orthodontist didn't place them. Does this take away from the... READ MORE

What should I do ? Invisalign has run it's course and results are no where near acceptable. (photo)

I am concerned looking back that maybe I should have opted for an orthodontist. Nevertheless, I have been wearing my aligners for the last 6 months... READ MORE

Will a week long break from invisalign affect my results? (Photo)

17 years old and have had Invisalign for a while now. On my 8th tray and have done very well keeping them clean and applied over 22 hours a day. Just... READ MORE

Is it effective to tweak the last aligner to make final adjustments to the teeth? Will this produce results?

I started wearing my last aligner in September. My teeth weren't completely straight at the end. In the past ten weeks, my treatment has consisted of... READ MORE

How can I achieve results like this? Even symmetric wider smile with Invisalign? Or other orthodontics? (photos)

I think Kourtney had Invisalign as her smile is wider, more symmetric and generally prettier. How can I get those results? My smile lines are... READ MORE

How soon till I see results from Carriere Motion Appliance Class II??

So I just started my ortho. I am going with Invisalign but I have an overbite. To avoid doing any kind of extraction other my two wisdom that I still... READ MORE

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