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What's the Cost of Invisalign Replacement Tray?

If I lose a pair of trays while in the Invisalign adult program, how much does a replacement usually run? I know replacements are included in... READ MORE

Lost my retainer but don't have enough money to fund for another, will my teeth be okay?

I had my brace removed 2 weeks ago but lost it at a meal last week, I've been to get a new mould on my bottom teeth and will have it ready for Friday... READ MORE

Getting Cavities Filled While Wearing Invisalign

I have been wearing Invisalign for 6 months and have about 9 months remaining. I have been informed that I have some small cavities and my dentist... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Retainer Be Replaced?

I lost my invisilign retainer. Can a retainer be replaced? READ MORE

Replacing Invisalign Refinement Aligners Every 7 Days?

I've just started my Invisalign refinement and am on aligner 1 of 10. My ortho's assistant has instructed me to wear each aligner for 7 days. She... READ MORE

Children Losing Invisalign Tray After Two Weeks

Children can easily lose that small clear tray. What generally happens if the Invisalign trays are lost after two weeks? Will there any be significant... READ MORE

Replacing aligners every week rather than every 2 weeks?

Hello. I began my Invisalign treatment about 2 months ago. I am scheduled for 41 aligner’s total (top and bottom) and my dentist has instructed me t... READ MORE

HELP! What do I do if my Invisalign tray cracks? Should I have a replacement made, or should I continue to wear this tray?

Not sure how it occurred, I'm assuming possibly by removal, but my Invisalgn tray is cracked near my second to last upper molar (the crack is also... READ MORE

6 Months in and Want to Change from Invisalign to Braces?

As an adult working I am finding the Invisaligns challenging. You really do not know what to expect until they are in your mouth. I do not like the... READ MORE

How much would invisalign cost for this?

Ok, so i recently moved to a new state, and i misplaced my retainers. Hopong to find them, i did... 2 months later... chewed up in my dogs cage. So... READ MORE

How Much to Replace Tray #2...invisalign?

I lost tray number 2, and my Ortho is replacing it, but for a fee, and they are not sure what it is. Can you give me an idea on the price? READ MORE

Invisilign with Crown?

Hello, I'd like to do an invisilign treatment, however i have a crown that i do not feel comfortable with, shall i then change the crown first ? thx READ MORE

If I need a crown replaced during Invisalign treatment, will I need to have all new trays made?

I started invisalign treatment 8 days ago. in the last 2 days, I have started getting extreme sensitivity to cold on one of my upper back molars that... READ MORE

Can Invisalign retainers replace a traditional splint for grinding?

I grind my teeth pretty hard (have chewed through my night guards in the past) but don't have any TMJ. I have worn a pretty thick splint that has... READ MORE

Plastic deformation, buttons not removed for trays to be used without buttons

My doctor failed to remove my buttons on the last two sets which were made for use without buttons. I had lots of pain and changes in my bit as a... READ MORE

Lost an Invisalign set. Any suggestions?

I am on my 3rd set of treys of treatment and I've worn my last set of these 6 weeks for only one week of two. I recive my next day of treys next week.... READ MORE

If I have lost my invisalign trays, it is okay to go 24 hours before moving on?

I am supposed to see the dentist tomorrow for my next set of trays, but I lost my current ones today. It is my 14th day of wear and I was supposed to... READ MORE

Cracked Invisalign Tray - will it have a detrimental effect on my treatment?

I am on tray 3 and the tray has a crack between my right central incisor and right lateral incisor. Will this effect my treatment? I was supposed to... READ MORE

How to get replacement aligners or a permanent retainer without starting over? My dentist retired.

I had Invisalign for my teeth about 7-8 years ago. I wore all trays and completed my treatment in 2 yrs. I need new aligners as I am still wearing the... READ MORE

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