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Can Bonding Be Removed Without Taking Away Any Tooth Structure? How Should It Be Done?

This question relates to residual Invisalign IPR been bonded by the destist. I am looking for a second opinion. I want to remove the bonding and close... READ MORE

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Before Invisalign?

Since none of my wisdom teeth has erupted yet, I would rather wait before removing them. One of them is growing at an angle and it is pushing towards... READ MORE

2 Days Post Invisalign:

I got my invisalign w/attachments yesterday. I feel as though I have cement or glue in places where it shouldn't be. When I flossed last night, I... READ MORE

Can the Removal of Invisalign Attachments Cause Dulling of Enamel?

I just picked up my Invisalign Express trays yesterday and had attachments placed (2 upper, 4 lower). I was concerned about damage to the enamel upon... READ MORE

Will Having my Impacted Canine Tooth Removed After Invisalign Ruin my Results? (photo)

I am 24. I still have a baby canine tooth, that looks very awkward with my smile, which I want to remove. My dentist told me the adult tooth was in... READ MORE

Is my enamel damaged from possibly poor removal of invisalign attachments?

My Ortho took off my attachments today and now my canine tooth has a flat spot! I'm freaking out. Did he wear away the enamel? Is my tooth is danger?... READ MORE

When Are You Supposed to Get Your Bumpers Removed in the Invisalighn Treatment?

My orthodontist removed my bumpers when I still had 3 sets of trays left in my treatment. Now, when I wear the the trays I don't feel any movement... READ MORE

Invisalign New Impressions, Should Attachment Be Removed?

This week I finished all the sets of my invisalign treatment! I had 42 sets upper/39 lower. However my teeth are not "perfect" yet, so today I went,... READ MORE

It is Possible To Get Invisalign Without Removing Wisdom Teeth?

I Hesitate to Chose Invisilign if It is Needed to Remove Wisdom Teeth. Is It Possible to Avoid to D That? READ MORE

Do I Need to Have 4 Premolars Removed for my Overbite? (photo)

I just had a visit to my first ortho today and he told me I need to extract 4 premolars (2 up and 2 down) then braces to fix my overbite. I really... READ MORE

If I need a crown replaced during Invisalign treatment, will I need to have all new trays made?

I started invisalign treatment 8 days ago. in the last 2 days, I have started getting extreme sensitivity to cold on one of my upper back molars that... READ MORE

When do attachments get removed?

My dentist has advised that I wear my last tray for the next 6 months as a retainer night and day, then move to night time only for a further 6... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Keep Invisalign out for an Hour or So for Dinner?

Is it ok if I do not wear them for an entire hour or so sometimes? (If I leave them out for more then 15 minutes, it seems harder to put back and it... READ MORE

Removing composite veneers?

I have two composite veneers placed on my front teeth due to moderate crowding. I didn't want to do any orthodontic treatment at that moment, but I've... READ MORE

Is it possible to stop Invisalign treatment during the first two weeks?

I had a problem with one tooth, and thought it would be worth it to get Invisalign. I have been in continuous & immense pain, and I feel very silly... READ MORE

Can I use Invisalign while in the sauna? Or should I remove it?

Good evening ,i m going to buy the treathment Invisalign and my question is the follow..since i go to the sauna almost every day shall i use it inside... READ MORE

How Can I Avoid Getting a Tear in the Corner of my Mouth from Taking Invisalign Aligners in and Out?

I have a small mouth and am only wearing the aligners at night so that the tear can heal. READ MORE

What are your thoughts on removing yellow stains SAFELY from aligners? (photos)

Question 1 Thoughts on removing yellow stains SAFELY from the aligners? I smoke, have yellow staining. Others use bleach/peroxide mixed with water &... READ MORE

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