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Why is a Invisalign Refinement Needed if Teeth Fit Final Tray?

If technically the invisalign system works by slowly changing the shape of the tray so that the teeth may fit on each position and shape of the tray,... READ MORE

Why Can't I Get Invisalign After Teeth Extraction?

My teeth are pretty straight but I have a minor protrusion that has been bothering me. I visited an orthodontist and she told me I would have to get 4... READ MORE

Why is Invisalign So Expensive Considering the Cost of the Trays?

The cost of Invisalign is as follows (Source: Align Technology as of June 2012): - Full: $1649 - Assist: $1699 with progress tracking / $1299 without... READ MORE

Why do my teeth turn yellow after 1 month of Invisalign treatment?

I find the whole set of my teeth become more and more yellow after few weeks of invisalign treatment and the discoloration is even, not like patches... READ MORE

Can't Bit Down Properly Without Invisalign Aligners

Is it normal to not be able to bite down properly when the aligners are removed? I am on my second day of treatment and I notice the attachments to my... READ MORE

Can a Gap Be Created Between Two Central Incisors in a Period of Just Some Hours of Having Had Invisalign Attachments Removed?

I've been wearing invisalign for 8 months and the result had been good until a week ago, when the attachments from my central incisors were... READ MORE

Should My Dentist Have Made Me Aware That I Needed Invisalign Buttons on my Front Teeth?

Had impressions made for invisalign, and nothing was mentioned about buttons or attachments until the molds came in and the tech said, wow you need a... READ MORE

Why did my teeth die? Invisalign and Acceledent too aggressive? Can local anesthetic kill teeth?

I've been wearing Invisalign for over a year. Recently I found out I have a dead tooth. My dentist tells me all my front teeth look like they could be... READ MORE

Invisalign Trays Don't Match How Long the Doctor Said It Would Take

During my insalign consultation I was told the process could take 12 - 14 months, changing trays every 2 weeks, however when I got my trays, it says... READ MORE

Why is my Invisalign tray greenish-yellow?

I always take my invisalign out everytime I eat and drink. I also brush my teeth and trays regularly. But, when I took them out today the molars are... READ MORE

Was I wrongly told that Invisalign can fix my teeth? Why is my 2nd aligner not fitting? (Photo)

I was told by 3 orthodontists that my teeth could be fixed with Invisalign and by 1 ortho that regular metal braces is my only option. I decided to go... READ MORE

Curious as to why I only got 12 Invisalign plates?

Hi, Adult male of 32 years of age. I used to have braces as a teenager but was not a committed retainer wearer and had some teeth revert to their... READ MORE

Why is it that my Invisalign trays appear to change shape after wearing?

I have a functional posterior cross-bite that may or may not be completely corrected at the end of treatment. The trays have some expansion in them.... READ MORE

Why would my orthodontist recommend a minimum of 20 Invisalign attachments in my clincheck instructions?

Is there a benefit to having so many attachments? My teeth are relatively straight, I can provide pictures upon request. Really just using the... READ MORE

What can be preventing my front teeth from straightening out with Invisalign treatment for the last 36 weeks ? (Photo)

After pregnancies my two front teeth arent same size 1elevated and 1 inward. my ortho said this was due to a tongue thrust. I statted weekly... READ MORE

I have been wearing Invisalign for 16 months and have had blocked ears for 4 months.

I was referred to my local ENT dept at the hospital who did all the tests and found nothing underlying to cause the blocked ears however saw I was... READ MORE

Why is my gap coming back?

I had Invisalign for 5 months for a gap in my front teeth. I wear my retainer day and night and have a permanent one as well yet my gap is coming back... READ MORE

Why does my new set of Invisalign trays feel a little loose in certain places?

I just switched out my Invisalign trays for my new, 9th set. I've been changing them every 10 days with the use of a bitepod device. The last set of... READ MORE

Tray 27 of 28. Why would I have an appointment when I still have two weeks till my teeth are in the final position?

Hello, I'm on tray 27 of 28. My next appointment is in the same day I change to tray 28. Why would I have an appointment when I still have 2 weeks... READ MORE

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