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Will Invisalign Fix a Misaligned Open-bite?

I've been contemplating getting Invisalign braces; however, I wonder if it will help my malocclusion. I suspect there a several things wrong with... READ MORE

Orthodontics to Fix Single Protruding Tooth? (photo)

I never lost one of my "baby" upper canines. When the adult tooth came in, it came in next to it and now sticks out slightly. I'm satisfied with... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix Protruding and Gapped Front Teeth?

I am 26 years old and my front teeth protrude and have gaps in them due to finger sucking as a child. Is it possible for invisalign to fix this? READ MORE

Jaw Correction Not Possible with Invisalign?

After half a year into my treatment, I was informed that jaw correction (protruding jaws) is not possible with invisalign though i was told of the... READ MORE

Filing Vs Tooth Extraction For Invisalign

Hi , I'am planning for invisalign treatment to improve my teeth alignment, my front teeth are protruding effecting my smile . I have taken... READ MORE

I Have Protruding Front Teeth and an Overbite. Can Invisalign Really Help? (photo)

I went to my ortho yesterday and he told me to just go for Invisalign instead of clear bracket braces. Problem is I have an overbite and bad bad bad... READ MORE

Invisalign for Protruding Front Teeth? Cost?

I Have 6 Front Teeth That Protrude out (Due to Sucking my Finger Til I Was 10 Years Old)... the dentist also told me my molers r slightly crowded and... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Work to Help Correct my Teeth?

For the most part my teeth dont bother me but i would like to get my top ones fixed up a bit, getting my one canine pushed back a bit and the other... READ MORE

Possible to Just Get my Bottom Teeth Straightened with Invisalign?

My top teeth are quite straight, but I have a couple bottom front teeth that are starting to protrude and sometimes, I bite my lip. Can I just get... READ MORE

I've Had Two Very Contradicting Consultations About Invisalign... (photo)

I have mild crowding on the top and bottom and three of my teeth protrude slightly. He recommended 15 months of trays and to create a bit of space he... READ MORE

Invisalign Has Given my Mouth a Round, Monkey-like Appearance. What Do I Do Now?

Since I've had Invisalign, my upper teeth come so far out that it gives my mouth a round, monkey-like appearance. I feel like my top lip barely covers... READ MORE

I Was Told That I Would Need To Remove 4 Teeth In Order To Get Invisalign? (photo)

Hello, i have included 4 snap shots of the my teeth, i was informed once that i would have to remove 4 of my teeth and can not be corrected with... READ MORE

I Have a 8mm Overjet with No Skeletal Deformity, Can I Get Invisalign?

I've had two orthodontists look at me, one says I can do Invisalign, the other says not to waste my money. My overjet is 8mm, protrusion is 8%. I only... READ MORE

Causes of upper lip protrusion? Can invisalign correct it?

My upper lip appears more full and my philitrum appears more prominent recently. I saw an orthodontist who says I have an over jet of 3mm. I'm... READ MORE

Braces Vs. Invisalign?

According to my orthodontist, I have lower crowding, a severe overbite, and protrusion of my upper center teeth. Invisalign would be 6 months shorter... READ MORE

Can IPR Fix Protruding Big Teeth?

I had braces years ago. Problem is, my front teeth are big, wide, and look like horse teeth! From the front they look too straight and they protrude... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for high protruding canine teeth and a deep bite? (Photo)

Both of my canine teeth are high and protruding. I am happy with the rest of my teeth, they are quite straight. I also have quite a deep bite or an... READ MORE

Protruded mouth and a weak chin! Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello doctors, What is the best solution for a protruded mouth and a weak chin? I had braces before and now on my invisalign tray 11. My bite is so... READ MORE

My side view of face looks horrible. Do I need jaw surgery or will braces be enough? (Photo)

When I look my face through side angle it looks like the jaw is protuding outwards and it looks horrible. I am undergoing an orthodontic treatment and... READ MORE

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