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How Long Should my Invisalign Aligners Be out Per Day?

I am doing a medium length Invisalign treatment, I think. I have 8 aligners on top and 14 on the bottom. My dentist told me to keep them out like 10... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do the Invisalign, if I Have to Extract 4 First Premolar?

I have crowded teeth with mild overbite or overjet problem. I think that teeth extraction will provide more space for better alignment. My... READ MORE

Can shifting my crown with Invisalign cause bleeding?

I got a crown after a root canal procedure more than 5 years ago. Since February 2016, I started wearing Invisalign braces. This week when I switched... READ MORE

Received Duplicate Invisalign Trays?

I started Invisalign on July 1st and received trays 1-3. Tray 3 was made of a more flexible material and didn't have the same tightness as 1 & 2.... READ MORE

Face looks completely out of symmetry due to lower jaw? Help! What can be done? Procedures? (Photo)

I am 23, female. Since I was around 17, I have this jaw misalignment. Even my upper and lower frontal teeth don't align perfectly. (And both the eyes... READ MORE

Can I get that a wider smile with Invisalign alone? (photos)

Hello, Is there anyway to broaden my smile/ Arch of teeth and get rid of dark spaces? I went to Consult an Orhto today and was informed that... READ MORE

Are my teeth too crooked for Invisalign procedure? (photo)

I have crooked teeth and am looking into Invisalign. I guess I want to know if my teeth are too crooked for Invisalign? READ MORE

I was just wondering if there is a way/procedure to fix my lopsided teeth and jaw? (photo)

I've had two sets of braces top and bottom, so my teeth are "straight" and the bite is perfect. However, the unevenness of my jaw and teeth is not... READ MORE

Is it common for dental nurses to take care of all the Invisalign procedures?

My invisalign orthodontist only saw me once at the initial appointment. After that, all my invisalign procedures (e.g. scanning, imaging, moulding,... READ MORE

Almost done with my invisalign; may need gum goat and cosmetic dentistry? (Photos)

So I'm almost done with my invisalign I may need gum graft and cosmetic dentistry what is the best gum graft procedure my own gums or donor tissue and... READ MORE

Could I make the switch to Invisalign from metal braces? What would the cost be?

I currently have metal braces and I want to know if I could switch to Invisalign. I would have about 10 months left if they are on time.Starting off... READ MORE

Is Invisalign billed to insurance the same way metal braces are?

I have coverage through my health insurance to get orthodontia for TMJ. I do have diagnosed TMJ, and the orthodontist stated that invisalign would... READ MORE

Will my teeth need new Braces to move them back where they were before I went without my retainer for 2 weeks?

I lost my approx. 6 month old invisalign retainer. Got it back two weeks later. Tried to put it on, but the top piece broke towards the back of my... READ MORE

Can I get invisalign?

I had an impacted canine tooth and i had the procedure done to expose it and put a bracket on it. the bracket is attached to my braces by a chain. the... READ MORE

Green tea with Invisalign?

Unsweetened green tea? If I rinse my aligners out after I drink it, will it be okay? I usually sip on my teas for a while so I don't want to leave my... READ MORE

Is it normal for pain and tenderness in a recent root canal treated tooth during Invisalign treatment?

I had to get a root canal on 14 through a crown a month ago. It didn't hurt the day after the procedure, so I put my tray back in. Now, I can bite... READ MORE

I'm on the 5th out of 7 days for my 3rd Invisalign tray and the top tray broke, should I go to the next tray?

Should i go to my next tray and if i do should i only use the new top one and keep the current bottem one until the next bottem one is due READ MORE

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