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Is It Normal to Not Be Able to Bite Down Completely when Just Starting Invisalign?

I got my invisalign yesterday and I cannot bite down all the way...I don't know if this is normal. Also, on my right bottom side, it is irritating... READ MORE

Is Invisalign to Blame for my Teeth Issues?

I Have Experienced Many Problems with my Teeth, Cracked Roots, Etc.,  As I mentioned above, I used Invisalign braces for about a year when I... READ MORE

When I Wear my Invisalign My Bite is Way off. Will This Cause a Problem?

I just had my invisilign done today , when i put it on and bite down my BITE is way off, is this going to cause any problems later on after i finish... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix Mistakes Caused By Expanders?

Hi everyone:) I got my braces off 2yrs ago. An expander was used & now my mouth is huge! The shape of my mouth was changed & my teeth my teeth... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause More Problems to Teeth?

I am on tray 21/25 and I noticed that two lower teeth are spliting (up and down on tooth) and I am wondering if any dentist has come across this with... READ MORE

Will 5-10 seconds of hot air affect my Invisalign trays?

I was blow drying my hair, realized about 5-10 seconds in that it could be a potential problem. I have yet to take the Invisalign out, but I can't... READ MORE

Biting Problems. Am I a Candidate For Invisalign?

I have a tendency to bite anything that's not supposed to put in the mouth - for example, I was wearing whitening trays at night but couldn't stop... READ MORE

Invisalign tray not grabbing one of the attachments since early in treatment. Is this going to cause problems later on?

Decided to go with dentist for treatment because he was $1000 cheaper than the orthodontist which is something I am now regretting. I'm on tray 7/10... READ MORE

Worried about my gums with Invisalign (Photo)

I am doing Invisalign. I just put in tray 2 (of 11) yesterday. The gum beneath my front bottom right tooth is very red today. It looks red on the... READ MORE

Invisalign - postponing IPR

Today I was scheduled to get attachments and IPR (tray #3). My orthodontist was on vacation and his colleague decided to postpone the IPR by 8 weeks... READ MORE

invisalign treatment.

I am 30 year's old .i have over jet teeth's .my doctor advice me to remove 2nd premolar teeth's of lower and question is ,Are invisalign... READ MORE

Changing trays every week?

I was told by my ortho's assistant to change my trays every 7 days. On a scale on 1-10 and 1 be having perfect teeth alignments and 10 being the... READ MORE

Lower jaw problem. Will Invisalign fix it? (Photo)

Dont know problem u can see it in pics by birth my uper teeth is behind lower teeth have not any pain or not any bite problem but some time i feel... READ MORE

Too much contact with molars, terrible speech impediment.

I just started with my invisalign treatment (3 days in) so I realize there will be an adjustment period, but the most irritating thing for me so far... READ MORE

The top of my Invisalign tray doesn't sit flush against one tooth - is this a problem? (Photo)

I started Invisalign 3 weeks ago; I am on my second tray. Starting with the first stay, I noticed that the top of the Invisalign tray bulges away from... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Having trouble with Invisalign and dentist doesn't seem to care. How should I resolve this issue?

My Invisalign trays have lined up a couple of my teeth to meet and they're hitting each other when I eat. A few of the teeth are now pretty chipped as... READ MORE

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