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Do I Have to Wear my Removable Retainer on Top of my Permanent Retainer During the Day?

I am 21 years old and I just finished a year and a half of invisalign treatment :) They put in a permanent bottom retainer, but to my surprise, they... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Permanently Change my Bite?

I just started Invisalign yesterday, and it seems to be okay so far, but it is changing my bite. It has definitely moved my teeth, and now when I try... READ MORE

Bleached my Invisalign tray, took it out 5 hours later and it was stained red permanently. Went to tray 2 after 10 days of use.

They were stained earlier so I bleached them with advice from internet, rinsed and placed back in, took them out 5 hours later with red/orange color.... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Realign Upright Lower Molars Due to Extractions?

I had my lower 12-year-old molars extracted 50 years ago. They were never replaced. Result is that the teeth behind them have tilted forward so that... READ MORE

Will I have to wear a bonded retainer (post braces) for the rest of my life?

I am 14 and just got my braces off. My dentist gave me an "invisalign retainer" which I later learned is called a bonded retainer. A wire goes in one... READ MORE

Can the bonding glue from attaching Invisalign buttons to a crown permanently change the original color of the crown?

I got Invisalign a few months ago and I was very specific with the doctor that I had a porcelain crown on my front left tooth. I'm super cautious of... READ MORE

I'm 23 with an open bite, TMJ and gaps. I've had braces. Would Invisalign help permanently? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old! I had braces in middle school, but now I have an open bite with tmj and gaps. I want invisalign, but I don't want it to move back... READ MORE

I Just Had my Braces Top and Bottom Removed?

I had permanent retainers put on top and bottom, now my dentist told me i have to purchase the removable retainers to wear at night. Why do i need... READ MORE

Will Invisalign fix my open bite/crowding? (photos)

I had braces a few years ago and have a permanent retainer on my bottom arch. I didn't wear my retainer on my top like I was supposed to and I am... READ MORE

How should I clean and fix my Invisalign retainers?

I clean my retainers with Fresh Guard by Efferdent, and I brush the gunk out of them; however, they still get gunky, and their color most of the time... READ MORE

Do I need a whole Invisalign treatment again or can I fix teeth shift with just a couple of aligners? (Photo)

I lost my retainer around the end of December. I didn't get a new retainer till the middle of March. since December small gaps had formed where i had... READ MORE

Jaw clicking on the 2/3 after the first tray of Invisalign. Will the click go or get worse and is it permanent?

I have just started invisalign a week ago and I am still on my first tray. About 3 days ago, I have been noticing my jaw click when I chew or open my... READ MORE

Why are my teeth perfect in the morning but show a small gap two hours later?

My invisalign treatments are over, but my teeth still fall back if I leave the last set off more than an hour in the morning. My orthodontist said... READ MORE

I have a small gap in between my bottom two front teeth. I am looking for an alternative to braces to get them fixed. (photos)

I had braces for almost three years and got them off about a year ago. I never wore my plastic retainers and I only got a permanent retainer on my top... READ MORE

Retainer materials and long-term toxicity?

What are retainers exactly made of? Has there been any studies about the risk of any chemical slowly and permanently leaching from its resin? What... READ MORE

Post Invisalign Treatment - third Invisalign consultation

I was given a plan for treatment that would be accelerated (6 months vs 1 year by replacing my trays on a weekly basis. After the treatment my dentist... READ MORE

Could Invisalign be sufficient to close my open bite? (photo)

I had traditional braces removed 10 years ago as a kid, with 2 permanent retainers on the top and bottom, but they did not prevent the formation of my... READ MORE

First week of Invisalign, my jaw started clicking. Can Invisalign cause permanent jaw click?

I have just started invisalign a week ago and I am still on my first tray. About 3 days ago, I have been noticing my jaw click when I chew or open my... READ MORE

After Invisalign, should I depend on retainers for life or a permanent wire on the inner side of my front teeth?

After my Invisalign treatment, my dentist is offering either a retainer that I will have to use for life or permanent wires on the inner side of my... READ MORE

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