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Can I Pay Monthly for Invisalign?

Because I can't aford $9000 I could pay $200 too $300 every month because I do need to get my teeth fix I have healthpartners so I dont know if... READ MORE

How to Make Payment Plans on Invisalign?

I saw someone on here say how expensive they were. I was just wondering if you could pay like 500 dollars down then 100 dollars monthly until you're... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Close the Spaces and my Gap? (Photos)

I have spaces between majority of my teeth and a missing tooth due to a cavity at the bottom so i think invisalign wont work at the bottom. Will it?... READ MORE

Payment Plans for Invisalign?

I'm 17 and I'm wanting to have Invisalign, but i could not afford 7-5 thousand dollars. Are there payment plans or anything as such to help me pay for... READ MORE

Balance Billing for Invisalign Case?

My case is $5500. My father's ins. was preauthorized to cover 2000, my mother's was 1000. I am making payments on Care Credit for the leftover $2500.... READ MORE

I'm Currently Unemployed, No Insurance, and Starting School Full Time in the Fall. Payment Plan for Invisalign?

Like it says I am unemployed and have no insurance, however, I am starting school in the fall and am receiving quite a bit for financial aid and... READ MORE

Is there any way I can just pay month to month payments for Invisalign without a huge down payment?

I'm really interested in getting Invisalign, but don't have the money to spend on a down payment. I was just wondering if I could start by simply... READ MORE

Anyway I could get help paying for Invisalign? (photos)

I do not have health insurance and would like to get invisalign. I went and got a consultation and my cost would be about 5,600 more or less. Ive... READ MORE

What are the requirements to make invisalign payments?

Unfortunately I can't afford invisalign out right. So a payment plan option would be best for me and my budget. Do I need insurance to be qualified?... READ MORE

Interested in immediate Invisalign, questions regarding payments.

I was with my primary dentist who is out of network and we discussed my treatment plan for invisalign. The full treatment quote was for $5,800, this... READ MORE

Paying for invisalign gradually from the beginning?

Let's say my invisalign cost is 5000$, and my time treatment is 12 months, can i pay gradually from the start? Like the first month 417dollars, and... READ MORE

Must I get bridges before thinking of invisilign. Would the retainer be enough to keep teeth from shifting? (photos)

I have provided both before and after pictures of my last dentist visit plus pictures of my lack of back teeth. Are their and reasonable payment plans. READ MORE

Can I get invisalign with periodontal disease and missing chipped teeth?

I have several chipped molars should i get them pulled first because most are really dark inside and some are chipped to gum line i believe they are... READ MORE

Invisalign gifted to me. What would you recommend for payment?

My parents have decided they wanna pay for the Invisalign as a gift to me. So, would I need them to come in to set up payments or would I just bring... READ MORE

Invisalign treatment. How are we supposed to be charged?

I was charged a year-worth of treatment, 400$ a month, but when I came in for my first appointment to get the trays, I was told that it's only going... READ MORE

Was told Invisalign retainers would be included in price, now claiming they aren't!! Help!!!?

I was originally told when I started Invisalign they would include the retainers to compensate since they were no longer offering the monthly payment... READ MORE

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