Palate Expander + Invisalign

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How Much Do Palate Expanders Cost and How Long Does a 20-year Old Have to Wear It For?

I bought a groupon for elite-provider invisalign treatment in Chicago. The ortho checked out my teeth and said I'm a candidate, but he said the... READ MORE

Invisalign and Palate Expander in Adults?

Can you use a sagittal appliance on a 20yo adult male? I am currently being treated with a regular type expander which is working amazingly, however,... READ MORE

Will I Be Okay Doing Invisalign Without Palatal Expansion? (photo)

I saw a few orthodontists, some who wanted me to have a palatal expander. My current orthodontist said there was no need and I have proceeded with... READ MORE

Nasal Breathing and Braces?! Will Rubber Bands Help??

I am a 20yo male undergoing orthodontic treatment for a class iii. I currently have an expander on my uppers and invisalign on lowers.Since commencing... READ MORE

19 years old and jaw expanded?

After having the palatial expander I had on for about two and a half months removed. I was not given a retainer due to the fact my ortho said I was... READ MORE

Is Slow Palatal Expansion an Option if Your Incisors Are Not Straight?

My incisors are at angles, this is to be followed with Invisalign, I am 21. Also, can slow palatal expansion encourage my top jaw forward? READ MORE

Excessive overjet - 31 year old - palate expander ? (photos)

When I was 15 I was told I'd need lower jaw surgery, chin shaving, two upper incisors extracted and wear braces for two years. None of this occurred -... READ MORE

Is a palate expander appliance and Invisalign the best choice for cross and open bite, or traditional braces? (photo)

I've seen 2 orthos for my crossbite. the 1st said he could solve with braces, since my R side (the worse side) has enough bone to push those teeth... READ MORE

TMJ caused by changed teeth/palate? (photo)

I went through two palate expanders, at ages 8 and 14, and braces twice at ages 15 and 17. I am now 22 and have developed gradually worsening TMJ... READ MORE

Is the orthodontist at fault for his young adult patient's relapses into same palate issues?

Had palate expanders at ages 8 and 14, the 2nd time followed by braces twice, then a permanent retainer on front 4 teeth. In the 6 years since, my... READ MORE

Can you use a palatal expander at the same time as Invisalign?

Can you use a palatal expander, like Homeobloc, at the same time as invisalign? Is there some reason this is a good idea or not a good idea? READ MORE

Should I get Invisalign, Veneers, Palate Expansion Surgery or a combination off all/some treatments? (photos)

My mouth is small. Very small! When I was younger my dentist & orthodontist agreed upon pulling my upper canine teeth instead of using an expander to... READ MORE

Why am I using a palate expander after invisalign braces?

I had invisialign braces for over a year. I stopped using the braces for 3 weeks after my treatment as my orthodontist said to leave them out to see... READ MORE

Will Invisalign work in my case? (Photos)

I am 29 years old, and had braces (twice), a palate expander, rubber bands, and headgear in my teens. However, I now have a crossbite and crooked... READ MORE

Will Invaslign help with my teeth? My dentist recommended using a palate expander but living with it is so hard. (Photo)

My jaw has a v shape. I have only problems with the fromt 4 teeth. I really don't wanna expand my jaw and I don't mind having a v shape jaw but im... READ MORE

How is this issue most easily fixed? Leaning toward Invisalign and/or removable upper palatal expander? (Photo)

I haven't seeked orthodontic treatment since about 2012. But I'm almost 18 now and I want a better smile. My teeth are a little crowded, I have a... READ MORE

20 years old with palatial expander? I want to achieve a wider smile, increasing palate width, not just by tipping teeth.

I feel that invisalign won't widen as much as I would like. I really desire a broad smile, so am expander seems to be the answer? Or should I just use... READ MORE

Do I need a palatal expander before Invisalign? (Photos)

I have had two orthodontic assessments in two different clinics. One said Invisalign would be fine and cost in total £4200-5950 depending whether I ... READ MORE

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