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What is the Difference Between Invisalign Expansion and the Use of a Palate Expander?

Can invisalign expand, albeit not as significant, in the same manner as a palate expander in a 20 year old or above? Or does a palate expander act in... READ MORE

Palate Expander Open Nasal Air Way?

I am 20 years old and do have a slightly narrow palate and am being treated with invisalign. I was looking to possibly get a palate expander following... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Provide Enough Expansion to Increase Nasal Passage Airway?

Can invisalign provide enough expansion to actually increase the airway of the nasal passage way in minor cases? I am a 20 year old male. If not, will... READ MORE

If I wear Invisalign wouldn't my palate bone go back to being narrow and Invisalign might not be effective?

I have had my removable expanders for two weeks and and activated them 14 times (3.5mm). My dentist has told me that I will be activating my expanders... READ MORE

I'm Interested in Invisalign but Was Told by One Dentist That It Wouldn't Work Because of my Small Palate?

Is that true in most cases? I'm 45 and really don't want to wear traditional braces. READ MORE

Can Invisalign help my 5 year old son who has a extremely narrow pallet?

Speech issues Narrow palate Jaw is pushed back He has extreme speech issues and now his upper teeth are folding onto each other. Had his Tongue... READ MORE

Froth in the front of top aligners, aligner doesn't feel like it's exerting pressure on the second day.

I think my top aligners may be loose. When I press the front of them while they're seated on my teeth, the entire tray tilts backwards and separates... READ MORE

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