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Will Invisalign Fix an Overjet on a 35 Year Old Male?

My teeth are very healthy - and line up nicely - other than an overjet of 6 mm, and minor associated crossbite. I also think my jaw has grown normally... READ MORE

Braces Vs. Invisalign for Overbite/overjet

I am 21 years old and in college and have never worn braces before but have a big overbite and overjet. Based on these pictures, do you think I could... READ MORE

Will invisalign correct severe overjet? (photo)

I had braces for 5 years as a teenager and when my orthodontist finally took them off he realized he had done a terrible job. I refused to put them... READ MORE

Can Teeth Be Pushed out with Invisalign when IPR Has Been Conducted?

I've been wearing invisalign since 1/10 for an overjet on my upper teeth & a crossbite.The Ortho did IPR between almost every tooth on upper... READ MORE

Invisalign Before or After Implant?

HI, I had lower first molar extracted 5 months ago, the bone graft was placed at the time of extraction, now I need to get braces done to correct the... READ MORE

Should I Correct my 4 Mm Overjet Using Invisalign?

I’m a 40-year-old female, and I’ve been wearing my retainers religiously since completing my traditional braces, about 5 years ago. At the time my bra... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Fix Over-jet, Cross-bite, and Overbite?

I am dreading that I might have to get traditional braces and my dentist said that i might be able to get invisalign but he didnt say it with much... READ MORE

How to Fix my Overjet? (photo)

I have an overjet of around 5-6 mm along with an overbite. I do not feel any discomfort or pain in my jaw/teeth and my teeth are otherwise healthy. I... READ MORE

Invisalign: Cost Vs. Benefit?

I had standard metal braces for over 3 years for an overbite, but after I still had an overbite. 3 yrs later, I had my wisdom teeth removed, and my... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign? Severe Overjet (photo)

I used to suck my thumb. I do have a missing molar on the bottom right side. Any extra info is appreciated: length of treatment, will I need... READ MORE

Will my big buck teeth remain too long and huge after Invisalign treatment? (Photo)

I have over-jet, huge buck teeth and I'll be getting the Invisalign treatment in two months' time. As you can see, my two front teeth are over-sized... READ MORE

Concerned about teeth extraction in order to fix top teeth overjet and bottom teeth crowding. Is this common procedure? (photo)

I had a very thorough orthodontic consultation where I was told I could get invisalign to make my teeth straight but if I wanted to correct my... READ MORE

Invisalign for All and Without Attachments?

Hello, This is regarding ClearPath/InvisAlign. My dentist and myself decided to go with this, though complete correction is not possible in my case. 1... READ MORE

Overjet (Malocclusion)? Invisalign Candidate? (photo)

I am a 19 year-old female who already had braces as a teenager. However, in the time since I've had my braces off (2+ years), my jawbone has grown,... READ MORE

Invisalign Work for Me? Overjet Big Front Teeth? (photo)

So i am going to be starting invisalign, i already got an ortho's opinion just would like other opinions on my case. my front teeth seems way too big... READ MORE

Will invisalign or conventional braces make my overjet worse?

I have a 6 mm overjet 50% overbite and crowding. Class 2 maloclussion. I do not want extractions or surgery-this brings limitations to correcting... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct an Overjet and a Crossbite?

My top teeth protrude out and over my bottom teeth. I cant tell how many mm the space between them is because my two front top teeth are diagonal and... READ MORE

What Will Improve my Overjet? (photo)

I am in my 30s, had braces in highschool & 2 years ago I finished Invisalign express. I feel my teeth are still "walking out of my mouth." I don't... READ MORE

Should I Find a Different Invisalign Provider? (photo)

After a few consults for invisalign I decided on a DR.However, something he said bothered me & I am not sure what it means.My main concern which I... READ MORE

Is Invisalign or Inman Aligner treatment going to fix my 6 mm overjet? (Photo)

I have been wearing braces twice in my life: first time the removable one when I was a child, then a fixed ones around 13 y/a. I was not happy with... READ MORE

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